CBD for Dogs with Skin Tags

CDB stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the most prevalent active ingredients of cannabis, which is derived from hemp plants. Hemp plants are closely related to marijuana plants. CBD is used for medical and recreational purposes often, and it has been found helpful in cases of anxiety, seizure, inflammation, and especially arthritis. In dogs, it can be used in underweight and anorexic dogs to increase appetite. CBD can be used in chronically suffering animals from physical trauma and gastrointestinal irritation.

Skin tags

Skin tags are benign growths composed of fibrous tissue that can appear as one or multiple lumps on the skin. In dogs, skin tags can have elongated stalks and an appearance like warts, but they should never be confused with warts because skin tags are fibrous tissues that are present throughout the body.

The name skin tag has been given to these outgrowths owing to their appearance, but they can be named acrochordon, fibroepithelial polyp, fibrovascular papillomas, and collagenous hamartoma etc. Skin tags can be present on any part of the skin but they are most commonly found at places that endure friction, for example, armpits, lower limbs, and the belly of dogs that come in contact with the floor while sitting.

Following are the types of skin tags in dogs:

  • Follicular hamartomas

Follicular hamartomas are less common in dogs and are characterized by flattened masses with thick skin. Follicular hamartomas are present in multiple numbers.

  • Fibroadnexal hamartoma

These are the most common skin tags in dogs. These are hairless growths near lower limbs and pressure points.

Symptoms of skin tags

Due to their slow growth, skin tags may be diagnosed very late. They can vary in size and appearance. Following are some of the signs which may show that your dog has skin tags.

  • Single or multiple growths
  • Stalk like growths
  • Wart-like surface

Skin tags must not be confused with warts. A simple difference is that the presence of a stalk indicates a skin tag while warts have a broader base.

Causes of skin tags

The real factors involved in causing skin tags are still unknown but can be related to skin infections and genetic factors.

Removal of skin tags

Skin tags have cosmetic reasons to be removed mostly. They can be removed by various techniques, mainly being excision and cryosurgery. One must not try to pluck off or cut off tags without proper professional guidance because this can lead to pain and increased suffering of the dog.

Role of CBD against skin tags

Although skin tags are not painful, and neither poses serious concerns to the dogs’ health, they still can be irritating especially, if they are present around lips and eyes. Such dogs can be given CBD to lessen their irritation because CBD is effective against anxiety and irritation.

CBD hasn’t shown any side effects in pets particularly dogs, and it has proven that it contains antibodies that are effective against inflammation and skin infection causing bacteria. So the use of CBD can not only restrict the growth of skin tags but prevent them too due to its antibacterial properties.