Do Piles Also Cause Skin Tags?

It is believed that skin tags come about due to friction. That is why skin tags appear on areas of the body prone to friction. For instance, on the eyelids, under the arm, and on the neck.

Though rare, skin tags can also appear around the anal area since there is loose skin around it. Nonetheless, this commonly happens when there are hemorrhoids, or when the skin surrounding the anal area is forced to stretch out.

If piles cause skin tags, it is essential to understand them- what are they? How do they come about? We will further look at what symptoms are associated with piles and the different ways they can be treated.  

What are piles?

Piles are commonly referred to as hemorrhoids and are swollen blood veins or muscles that appear around the anus. There are different grades of piles, and they form when the tissue around the anal area swells. The common reason for the swelling is straining.

As we have mentioned, there are different grades of piles- depending on how far out of the anus they are. All piles, however, start as internal piles and continue moving upwards.

Different grading of piles

  • First grade- those that are within the anus, and don’t come out. Most tend to be painful, and some bleed.
  • Second grade- these are piles that come out during bowel movement and go back in afterwards. They rarely stay outside the anus.
  • Third grade- they are situated outside the anus and only get back in when pushed.
  • Fourth grade- these are the last grade and tend to be the most painful of all. They remain outside the anus, and can never be pushed in.

How do piles come about?

Piles are caused by;

  • Genetics
  • Pregnancy- due to additional pressure exerted to the abdomen
  • Aging
  • Extensive diarrhea 
  • Constipation- due to straining

Symptoms associated with piles

Different people have different reactions from piles due to the difference in skin types. Some people could find piles to be very painful and cause bleeding, which makes them noticeable Others feel mild pain. 

The symptoms and pain depend on how severe the hemorrhoid is. Common symptoms include;

  • Soreness in the anus region
  • Bleeding during or after a bowel movement
  • A swelling or lump in the anus

Note that symptoms are not exclusive to a pile. They could come about due to other heal issues. We recommend you seek professional advice if you have doubts it could be piles.

What is the connection between hemorrhoids and skin tags

Almost all the time, skin tags around the anus are due to piles. As the anal skin stretches or swells, the surrounding skin is likely to form a skin tag. The tags in the anal canal are referred to as rectal skin tags. Luckily, most of them aren’t painful, and some even go unnoticeable.

Rectal skin tags do not cause any harm, even when left untreated. However, it could result in another hemorrhoid forming because of the proximity between the skin tag and swollen vein.

Due to its location, it could be quite challenging to remove rectal skin tags. Therefore, it is wise to ignore the skin tag unless it begins causing a problem. Though, the fecal matter could get trapped under large skin tags, leading to inflammation and irritation.

In this case, you should seek professional advice and services.

Removing rectal skin tags

Treating it at home could be risky since you wouldn’t want to risk any infection, or at the least, irritation. Hence, we recommend trying a natural solution with natural ingredients.

Our first recommendation is using tea tree oil because it can fight bacteria and inflammation. Being among the standard natural treatment solutions, it will take longer, but it will surely keep the skin safe. However, note if your skin reacts before continuing usage.

Our second recommendation is to seek professional removal services from a doctor. While it could be painful and expensive options, it is a sure and fast way of getting rid of the skin tag. Remember that skin tag removal is considered cosmetic surgery, and hence, most insurance does not cover.

We recommend our second option to anyone who suffers severe discomfort due to the skin tag.

Man experiencing severe discomfort

To remove the rectal skin tag, the doctor will start by applying some numbing agent on the rectal area. There are two standard removal methods; one is the traditional scalpel removal method. The other is the cryogenics, where the skin tag is frozen. There is a new laser skin tag removal method.

Preventing piles

Some people are likely to get piles more than others. However, some prevention tips could avoid getting hemorrhoids. Try to eat foods rich in fiber and drink a lot of water. You can also add in fiber supplements. The main aim is eating foods that will prevent straining during a bowel movement.

Piles actively contribute to the formation of skin tags. Although the tags are mostly painless, they could be irritating as they begin to form. Use the preventive measures we have discussed above. If you get the skin tag, maybe due to other factors such as pregnancy and genetics, be sure to find a removal method that works for you.

Remember if the skin tag is a source of pain or discomfort, seek medical attention immediately.