How to Prevent Cutting a Skin Tag from Shaving

Skin tags are small pieces of skin and can expand everywhere on a person’s body. You can experience discomfort especially if you are about to shave the area where a skin tag is located. Oftentimes, they are so small that you barely notice it if you accidentally cut off a tag. Now, the question is: how can you keep skin tags from being taken off when you shave?

Well, it is easy to remove the skin tags quickly, and this is the only way to prevent you from cutting it off. Sometimes, without even realizing it, people shave them away because the skin tag is very small. On other occasions, the skin tag can develop and create a serious problem. These are not a medical problem, just an inconvenience, and sometimes, in a visible area, they can be distracting.

You can’t really shave without seeing hair growth, but you can safely get rid of a skin tag. We will discuss all these in this article. Other than this, you can try losing weight or wearing loose clothes to reduce their chances of developing.

No one knows if shaving produces skin tags. The most popular explanation, though, is that skin tags develop because of skin rubbing continuously against another skin or fabric. If the region is shaved daily, then it is reasonable that the razor is the cause.

We will be more specific on skin tags in this post. Also, we are going to talk about how and why they emerge, particularly when you shave. If you accidentally shave a tag, we will talk about what you can do after it happens too. Here, we will provide advice on things you could do to remove them painlessly and quickly.

Does Shaving Cause Skin Tags?

Shaving on a regular basis is thought to add to the development of skin tags, but there is no proof of this. Waxing may damage the skin as well, although it happens most frequently while you shave because of friction. Skin tags are often mistaken in the first place as an ingrown hair, but then they get larger. This is one way you can tell if it is a skin tag.

If you shave a lot, you will be likely to get ingrown hair. You can still acquire them even if you wax rather than shave. As the skin tags start to grow, they look extremely similar. When you shave one accidentally, it bleeds and stings a bit. For both, it is normal to happen.

Skin tags may be obtained by shaving your pubic area, as bathing suits or underwear can brush against freshly shaved or waxed skin. The same is true when the groin area is shaved. Not only does shaving strip the hair, but it eliminates dead skin cells as well.

The skin tag may have the same color as your skin, or it can also be dark brown in color. They are usually small, but some of them can get as big as grapes. Skin tags quickly grow what is known as a trunk or a stalk. If that starts to shape up, try not to slice it off.

What Could Be Another Reason That Causes Them?

The primary source of skin tags is irritation of the skin by brushing against each other. The excessive jewelry rubbing onto the skin, including necklaces, is among the certain factors that can cause them.

They can develop under the breast or on skin folds as clothes brush against the skin and causing friction.

It is normal for elderly or overweight people to get them just because excessive skin is pressing together. Some are just small, but others might grow to the size of a grape or a pea. However, it is not usual for them to be big. They are mostly small.

Some men grow a mustache or beard to cover these tags. Those people who shave more often, perhaps because of continued discomfort, can get them in this state.

Is It Dangerous to Cut a Skin Tag?

Note that the skin tags are only your skin’s additional pieces. It bleeds and hurts when you cut yourself. It is also the same thing when you do it on your skin tags. The only risk, just like a small cut, is that it gets infected. It can bleed a lot if you were to cut a piece off as some individuals do.

It is not advisable to use scissors or clippers to remove a skin tag. If they are not disinfected when used, it is certain that you can get a skin infection. When people do this, they are putting themselves to pain and getting overwhelmed when it bleeds, but it still depends on its location on your body.  Many other ways can be used for the removal of a skin tag.

There is going to be a bit of blood when you have a big skin tag to cut off. When you cut one off, stopping it from bleeding is the most important thing to do. The pressure is to be applied and sustained until the bleeding ends. Again, it will depend on the size of the tag and its location as to when it will stop. Many sections of the body are more likely to bleed than the others. It can take up to ten minutes to stop the bleeding.

You can wait for a little longer after it stops to see whether it will continue bleeding. When it eventually stops, make sure that you take prescribed antibiotics and put a bandage on it, so it won’t slip unintentionally and start to bleed again. Keep the spot clean and add an ointment, like Neosporin, just to be safe.

As most tags on the skin are small in size, the time to heal them should not be for long.

Is it Necessary to Go to a Doctor?

Having a skin tag is not a health problem, but you just have to go to a doctor if you do not know what it is or worry about it. People usually think it is some type of skin cancer, but it’s not.

You can get rid of the tag by going to a dermatologist, but no medical insurance covers it. They view it as an aesthetic issue and not a medical problem. If you have more than one, your doctor can give you various options to get rid of your skin tags. 

Others think it is worth the money to get rid of it by availing the services of a doctor, and some people do not. There is still a risk that it will burn or sting, even if they remove it. We have a few different removal methods such as the use of a scalpel or numbing agent or the use of a laser (cauterization).

The cost of a doctor’s visit can be very expensive, particularly if you have a lot of skin tags. The price will vary according to the procedure and how large the tag is. OTC skin tag products are created and certain products provide additives to treat the skin. This is particularly important when you get rid of a skin tag because of a scar or any marking that is visible.

Many procedures are exactly the same as what doctors do. The treatments are capable of freezing a skin tag, and even chemical peels are named to be effective. However, there are also natural treatments available.

What Should You Do If a Skin Tag Gets Cut Off Accidentally?

Accidentally cutting off a skin tag happens to people. It will cause discomfort and bleeding based on the part of the body and the thickness of the skin tag. It will occur if you always shave the hair on your face. Most of the time, people do not even realize that they have already removed one. Perhaps you will not even notice that a skin tag grows along with your body hair.

Stopping the bleeding is the most important thing to do. Normally, there is not a significant amount of blood, but it will keep flowing if you don’t get it to coagulate. You should apply an antibiotic ointment on the area to ensure that it will not be infected.

Also, you should put a bandage on it for some time, depending on the location, for example, in the groin or pubic area where there will be constant pain from rubbing, so that it will not start to bleed again.

Is It Possible to Get the Skin Tag Infected?

As previously mentioned, a skin tag is rarely infected. Do not get too concerned about it if you unintentionally cut one off. Just look after the skin tag, and you will be all right. After all, it is only an additional skin. Just keep the skin tag area clean, and you will be all right.

Remember not to shave this area until after the clot is gone, or you will rub the clot off and bleed again. It should take just a day or two, especially if the tag is tiny, to cure fully.

Will I Get a Scar After Cutting It Off?

Given the fact that many skin tags are tiny, if you shave one unintentionally, you will see no marks. But the larger they are, the more likely they are to cause a scar to form. The good news is they are oftentimes smaller in size. Usually, the top of the skin tag is larger than the stalk. This makes it look bigger than it really is.

Some skin tags have very little stalk and these can be easily dismissed with other growths on the skin. Many people fear that they acquired STD when they see a skin tag in their pubic or groin area. You should arrange a schedule with your doctor to be informed if you are concerned and not sure what this is. It may be a little uncomfortable, but the doctors are the experts and have probably seen worse than that.

When used to extract skin tags, a drug or procedure usually includes an agent that cures the skin. Tea tree oil is ideal for rapid skin healing. This is a medicinal plant and has many positive qualities when it comes to healing. It helps the skin to rapidly produce new cells, which significantly reduces the risk of scarring when the skin tag is removed.

Tips On How to Avoid Having a Skin Tag When Shaving

Shaving may cause irritation, and it may be that excessive rubbing is partly responsible for their development. Since the shaven skin is covered with tightly fitting fabric, friction is more common. 

Small skin tags under the armpits are also common. This could be because the skin is rubbing continuously, often in a spot. These are more prominent in sportspeople, adults, and children alike because their activities are frequent.

There really is no way you can stop developing a skin tag, but there are many things that you can do that will get rid of it easily. Tea tree oil is one of the safest ingredients for removing skin tags. It is because it not only makes the tag dry fast, but it also has curing characteristics for the skin.

How to Painlessly Remove Skin Tags

We highly suggest using tea tree oil, as described above. You may check it as an ingredient or purchase it in its pure form as an ingredient in a removal product. We suggest you purchase it in the pure variant, and Apothecary Tea Tree Oil is one of the great products that have it.

Such oils come from medicinal plants and have a lot of inherent healing effects. Its properties are anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and many others. It will get the skin tag all dried out. Blood and oxygen flow will stop, and you will notice that the tag will become black. The tag will fall off soon after.

It is recommended that you blend it evenly with so-called carrier oil while using the tea tree oil. It is very nice to mix castor oil with tea tree. The strength of the tea tree oil is very high, and the carrier oil will lower it. While it does not kill the medicinal properties, it does not take its efficacy down. Additional skin curing minerals are also added when you use it with castor oil.

While there’s no guaranteed way of avoiding skin tags, it can help to reduce friction by weight loss or use of an anti-friction powder, spray, or antiperspirant. In your groin area, the use of loose clothing will also create less discomfort.

Since wearing jewelry will lead to skin tags emerging on the collar area, you should minimize wearing them. Jewelry is often the culprit, especially for people that are prone to skin tags. It can be challenging to stay away from it, but using the products that are stated above, like anti-friction sprays, can help.

There is no real reason or rhyme to such additional skin growth, aside from the one key element where tags appear in certain places. Friction is this element, and if you are prone to skin tags, you must stay away from what causes it.

As previously stated, they are not a medical condition that people should be concerned about. They are what is referred to as benign growths, and they are definitely not harmful or cancerous. If you happen to accidentally shave your skin tag, add a tiny drop of tea tree oil after the affected area has stopped bleeding. 

This should make it easy for the skin to heal fast since it has different properties that are beneficial for healing, with much less risk of scarring or inflammation. After doing this, just remember and make sure not to shave the same area until there is no scab left. Doing so will only infect it.