How to Safely Remove Skin Tags from Your Body

Woman applying skincare product on an area in her face.

What are skin tags?

What are skin tags? In simple terms, skin tags are those tiny and a bit round excesses of skin found on various parts of your body. Although, they usually develop on eyelids, necks, and private areas such as under the breasts. 

What are the causes of skin tags and who are usually affected?

The causes may vary. Sometimes, people get skin tags for no known reason, while in most cases, they are caused by skin irritation resulted from clothes or a piece of jewelry rubbing on the skin. 

They can also mean burgeoning diabetes, which means that some people who get this may soon develop diabetes. As for the people susceptible to it, it can also vary, but older people seem to be more prone to getting it.

Are skin tags harmful? Can they be removed?

The good news is that skin tags are not harmful or fatal in any way as they are merely excesses on the skin that can, unfortunately, look unattractive. At most, they can be irritating or bleed at times, but other than those, they are fairly safe. 

However, if they do discomfort you, there are ways to remove them. Various methods are now available to rid one’s body of skin tags. Some of these methods can be professional, while others are simply DIY. 


  1. Professional Removal
    The first in the list is the professional removal of skin tags. This means actually going to the doctor and requesting an appointment or a schedule for a cosmetic surgery to have them removed.

    This can be done in a number of ways but the most common ones are having them frozen, cauterized, or with a scalpel; do note that a dose of anesthesia may be required. The professional removal of skin tags is categorized as cosmetic surgery because having it does not bring the patient any benefit medically.

  2. Over-The-Counter Product for Removal of Skin Tag
    If going to the doctor is not an option – because it can really be costly to have a skin tag removed professionally, you may opt to remove said skin tag manually within the comforts of your home.

    There are products to remove skin tags which can be bought over-the-counter, making the whole process easier. This is a popular method among many people suffering from skin tags because, as said earlier, it’s less costly, it’s more convenient, and it’s proven to be effective.

  3. Ligation Using Dental Floss
    If you’re not very comfortable about having surgery or using over-the-counter products, there is a third option – home treatment. Did you know that you can use dental floss to remove your skin tag?

    It’s a home treatment also known as ligation, and a lot of people have been successful in using this method. Here, the dental floss will suffocate the skin tag as wrapping the floss around it stops its supply of blood, causing it to die and just be removed naturally.

  4. Duct Tape
    Another home treatment you can do is killing the skin tag with duct tape. The process of killing it is basically the same as the dental floss. The goal is to cut the supply of the oxygen it needs to stay on the body by pressing the duct tape tightly on the skin tag. Be sure there is no space for air.

    When the skin tag is deprived of oxygen, it will turn black, usually after one night. You can do this method for about one week or repeatedly, pressing duct tape on the skin tag every day until it goes with the tape when you take it off your skin.

  5. Adhesive Bandage
    Try to substitute the duct tape with adhesive bandage. The process is very similar, but one difference is that with an adhesive bandage, you can put any substance that has vitamin E on it to help the skin heal better after the skin tag is removed. It can also prevent the skin tag from coming back.


Skin tags are usually left untreated as they are considered harmless. However, if it seems to be infected, it may be best to choose the first option — consult a professional and have them remove the skin tag to avoid exacerbating the case.