How to Safely Remove Skin Tags Using Nail Polish

Getting rid of skin tags using nail polish is one way of making the most out of what you already have at home. The method is helpful for those operating on a tight budget since it does not involve any expenses. However, the biggest question is whether this method works, and if it does, how effective and safe is it?

We shall be looking at the necessary steps involved in the removal process. We will also examine the likelihood that it will work for you and look at some of the available alternatives. Skin tags are neither harmful nor attractive. That is why you need to find a solution for them.

More than 80% of skin tags appear as growths on the skin. The color and shade vary from person to person. These growths are attached to the body by a peduncle that is similar to a thin stalk. It is quite easy to differentiate skin tags from any other skin problem, especially if they keep recurring. In case you are unable to tell the difference, you should seek professional advice before trying to cure them at home. A proper diagnosis is necessary for appropriate treatment. 

A large percentage of medical practitioners discourage the use of nail polish for skin tag removal. The effectiveness and side effects of the method are still unknown, although several people have reported a positive response from it. However, if you are pregnant, you should not use this procedure without the consent of a doctor. 

The same applies if your skin tag is inflamed, or located on a sensitive part of your body. Some of the delicate parts include the groin, anus, eyelids, and the face. You also need to avoid this method if you always experience high skin sensitivity. To ascertain that you are not allergic to nail polish, apply it on a smaller surface of your skin, and see how your body reacts to it. If nothing happens, you can go ahead and do the same on the entire tag.

Instructions on Using Nail Polish as a Home Remedy to Skin Tags

The use of nail polish to clear skin tags from the comfort of your home sounds like an excellent idea. Even so, the process does not apply to all types of skin tags. Mild to severe allergic reactions may occur in some cases. When trying it out, you must understand that there is no valid proof that it will work for you. Use it only if you are not in a position to seek professional treatment for your skin tags. 

Skin tags are categorized as cosmetic problems. Several medical insurance policies do not cover tags and other cosmetic issues. In case you decide to get medication, you will be expected to settle the cost of treatment privately. This explains why most people prefer home remedies as a quick and cheap mode of removing skin tags. Nevertheless, your ultimate goal should be selecting a safe method, over those whose effectiveness has not been proven. More care is required for large skin tags. 

Guidelines for Using Nail Polish to Get Rid of Skin Tags

  1. Use antibacterial soap to clean the affected area of the skin. Since you will be covering the entire skin tag with nail polish, you want to ensure that you do not develop an infection in the process.
  2. Apply the polish on top of the tag without spreading it to unaffected areas. You can do this as soon as you wake up in the morning. Cover the area with an adhesive bandage to limit the circulation of blood and oxygen.
  3. Add another coat of nail polish right before getting into bed in the evening and replace the adhesive band. This will ensure that the polish gets absorbed into the skin tag throughout the night.
  4. In the morning, remove the two layers of nail polish and repeat the process. Reapplying fresh nail polish makes the whole exercise more effective. New applications will quickly reach your target sections of the skin tag. 
  5. Continue replacing the layers every day until the skin tag disappears. The process can take days or weeks, depending on the size of the skin tag.
  6. Stop applying nail polish on the skin in case it becomes excessively irritated. 

The main aim of using nail polish and an adhesive bandage is to cut the supply of blood and oxygen from the skin tag. If the process is effective, the skin tags will dry up, causing the affected area to assume a dark shade.  

A bottle of pink nail polish.

How effective is Nail Polish for Skin Tags?

Nail polish works for some people but fails for some. If there is no change after several weeks of application, the method may not be ideal for you. In case the skin area gets irritated, wait until it heals before reattempting to remove the tag. Every individual responds differently to different remedies. You can use trial and error to identify the right one for you.

Once the skin tag darkens, it will fall off by itself with time. This may not happen too quickly, so you will need to exercise a lot of patience. Using nail polish for skin tag removal is popular due to the zero costs involved. In case it works, it could be the best way to save money. However, better and safer alternatives are available over the counter. If you require a quick method that works in a week or so, you may try out the TagBand device that works perfectly well.