Is It Necessary to Remove Skin Tags Under Breasts During Pregnancy?

Skin tags under the breasts are a normal part of pregnancy.

Pregnancy, while a wonderful time, is also an uncomfortable experience for most women and having skin tags can make the whole thing worse. As you might have discovered, skin tags under the breasts are a normal part of pregnancy. However, because they can become irritated, itchy, and infected, it can make carrying a child less tolerable.

However, there are ways to safely treat these and make you feel more comfortable.

Acrochordons, or more commonly known as skin tags, are soft pieces of flappy skin that loosely hang from a narrow stalk of flesh. While they can develop in other parts, skin tags are found more often in areas where skin comes into regular contact with skin. Examples of such areas are the neck, eyelids, face, and armpits.

A natural treatment is the Australian tea tree oil which has been proven to work at treating this skin condition.

Skin Tags: A Health Risk?

Although many often believe they’re a sign of cancer, skin tags are actually benign tumors that don’t pose any health risks unless they become irritated. Twisting them can lead to inflammation and irritation of the skin tags but if you’re already experiencing this, you can consult with a doctor because of the area’s sensitivity. 

Studies show that there’s a correlation between diabetes and this condition but this is irrelevant if you didn’t have them until your pregnancy. If you had them before you got pregnant, then it might be worth it to check out the cause of the condition.

Causes of Skin Tags Under the Breasts 

The possible primary reason why you developed skin tags under your breasts is that your stomach now touches the underside of your breasts. Moreover, that area is often sweaty and hot which, while it’s still unknown why this contributes to their growth, experts believe correlates with their growth. 

Another factor worth considering is the change in hormones during pregnancy. A dramatic increase in your hormones occur in the first months of the pregnancy and this will become more evident if you’re carrying twins or triplets. The hormonal change can lead to the change of the skin’s follicles which help further the growth of skin tags.

Will They Disappear on Their Own

More often than not, pregnancy skin tags are temporary and disappear once you have your baby. Although it isn’t always the case, it often is.

Once your increased hormone levels subside, they’re likely to go away on their own. However, treating them immediately might be essential if there are other risks such as infections.

Is It Necessary to Remove Them During Pregnancy

  • Consulting with a doctor

Doctors would often advise that skin tags are mere cosmetic issues, not medical. Therefore, unless it became irritated or you have a large one, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive treatment for it. Moreover, unless it’s related to another medical issue, your insurance likely won’t cover their removal.

  • Using over-the-counter treatments

It’s advisable that you wait until after you’ve given birth before using any over-the-counter treatments. This is because, as mentioned, skin tags can be caused by the temporary increase of hormones during your pregnancy. Therefore, wait and see if they go away on their own after birth.

Options like tying them off, cutting them off, or burning them with acids are not advisable because this might just end up doing more harm than good, especially since the area is more sensitive than it usually is.

  • Using alternative natural treatments

Another option you can go for if you really want to remove them is to use alternative and natural remedies like Australian tea tree oil. It helps remove skin tags by drying them out which allows them to go away on their own. This method has had many positive reviews.


While skin tags under the breasts during pregnancy aren’t harmful, they can cause discomfort to pregnant women which is why learning about the causes of skin tags can be helpful. Using alternative methods like tea tree oil can not only help treat skin tags but are also helpful for other conditions like nail fungus or acne. It’s a safe treatment option that doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Also keep in mind that, although not guaranteed, skin tags might go away on their own after you have given birth.