Skin Tag Buster: A Compound W Freeze Off Review

Not many people are aware that some wart removal products can eliminate skin tags. This is because both skin tags and warts are benign growths. Although there are other treatment options for skin tags and warts removal, this one works in the same effectivity as the others. One of the best home alternatives that you should be considering is Compound W Freeze Off. 

What Is Compound W Freeze Off?

The Compound W Freeze Off is what dermatologists suggest patients use to remove unwanted skin growth, such as warts and skin tags. It is currently the number 1 brand that they recommend in the market. 

How Does it Operate? 

Compound W Freeze Off utilizes the same advanced technology that both doctors and dermatologists use in addressing skin tags in their clinics. Cryotherapy is the process of cooling off these unwanted growths. This is also the same process that doctors and dermatologists use in their clinics. 

The process occurs by literally freezing the cells and structure of skin tags swiftly. It does so by preventing blood flow and destroying the tissue of the skin tag. Without proper blood flow, the skin tags will recede. This is the fastest and most painless home self-treatment method of skin tag removal. 

Is the Cost of Skin Tag Removal be Paid by Insurance?

Insurance does not typically cover the fees for skin tag removal. However, there might be a consideration if doctors deem that they are a result of an underlying medical condition. This is because skin tags are usually done for aesthetic purposes. It does not necessarily affect a human’s health conditions. 

Thankfully, patients do not have to worry that much as there is Compound W Freeze off, which is an effective and affordable solution for skin tags. It can be used at home as well, which makes it more convenient. 

Its usage is more than warts removal. It is a fast home alternative for removing skin tags compared to other topical and cream options. 

The leading skin tag freezing product. 

Compound W Freeze Off Reviews

This Compound W Freeze Off review will give you all the details of this product. Many people are hesitant to use the freezing method because they do not know much about it, and they are scared of doing skin tag removal themselves. To not damage your skin, choosing a safe product for the surface should be a priority. 

Gone are the days where you need to deal with the mess of oils and creams with Compound W Freeze Off. It is fast and practical and straightforward to use. Let’s dig deeper into what you should anticipate when you use the product. 

What is Inside the Product Kit?

To remove your skin tags by yourself, you must have the proper pieces of equipment. The freeze off kit has all the needed things to eliminate skin tags. 

The Compound W Freeze Off Kit is composed of the following:  

  • An aerosol canister that contains the component Dimethyl Ether. This is what freezes skin tag away. It prevents the surface of it from receiving oxygenated blood, which it requires to grow. 
  • A tip holder (reusable) 
  • An accurate tip applicator 

How does the Compound W Freeze remove the Skin Tag? 

The product has a freezing effect on the skin tag tissues and cells. By doing so, it cannot continue to grow. Eventually, the skin tag will fall off when it does not have access to its needs. Doctors use a similar process in their clinics, but the Compound W Freeze Off is a treat that is a hundred percent safe that you can use in your houses. 

However, Freeze off should be correctly used. Since it freezes the skin tag directly, users should avoid putting it in contact with the unaffected skin areas.

The directions for Compound W Freeze Off is straightforward. 

  • Lay the canister on a leveled surface similar to a table. 
  • Clasp the can collar and rotate the cone in a counter-clockwise manner. 
  • When it is already positioned into “1”, push the cone down for 3 seconds. While doing this, avoid touching the metal tip.
  • You will know once the can is activated when you start hearing a hissing noise coming from it. Once it does, it is now ready for use. 
  • Revert the cone to its original position. 
  • Stand by for 2 seconds so that the applicator point starts freezing. After that, place the tip directly on the surface of the skin tag. Keep it there for 20 seconds to obtain the best result. 
  • Take extra caution with the tip and avoid putting it into contact with the unaffected skin areas. 

How Fast Will I See the Results?

After applying the product, users may feel a minimal stinging sensation int the area where you used the product. That should be anticipated. It can even closely resemble a mild frostbite feel. Once the skin can regain the average temperature, the stinging sensation will go away on its own. 

The color of the skin tag should gradually change and drop off after several weeks. The manufacturer claims that the skin tag will fall off within two weeks. This procedure is a lot faster compared to using solutions and creams that you may find in the market. 

The dimension of the skin tag is a variable of how many times you have to repeat the treatment. The larger it is, the more times you have to do it again. After the suggested waiting time pass, and you still do not see your intended result, you can repeat the process. 

What are the Risks to be Anticipated with Skin Tag Freezing at Home?

Cryotherapy can be an intimidating procedure to be done at home because many know that only selected professionals conduct this. 

What doctors typically do is utilize liquid nitrogen to the skin tag to freeze it off. However, the utilization of this can be alarming and is not usually recommended to be used at home for such a purpose. However, there are other safer ingredients and methods of freezing. 

Instead of liquid nitrogen, Compound W Freeze Off utilizes dimethyl ether. It is a freezing agent that can be safely used at home. But, it would still require a significant amount of care during its usage. With the use of The precise applicator, targeting the surface of the skin tag is a lot easier without affecting the other parts of the skin. 

Only the skin tag should have contact with the product. If you include the other unintended parts, you cause irritation and damage. 

There are several safety procedures you can follow when applying this product. This product is only safe if it is used correctly. 

Remember the following tips to ensure your safety: 

  • Keep this product away from flammable items as it is an aerosol canister that contains flammable components.
  • It is ideal to consult a doctor first before applying this product to a child below the age of 4. 
  • This product is not ideal to be used for skin tags located in delicate areas such as the groin, eyelids, and anywhere near the eyes. 
  • There are several instances that multiple treatments are required to remove a skin tag entirely. Avoid pricking and pulling the skin tag once it changes color or shrinks after the application of the product. What you should do instead is to repeat the process after several weeks. 

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Using the Compound W Freeze Off

This product does not have a lot of disadvantages, but several things must be considered. These considerations are primarily referring to whether the user has an underlying medical condition and the location of the skin tag itself. Listed down below are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Compound W Freeze Off. 


  • Simple to follow instructions
  • Immediate results
  • Can be reused for several sessions
  • Precise tip applicator


  • It can irritate if applied to unaffected skin areas.
  • Not ideal skin tags located in delicate areas. 

With the thing mentioned above, have you decided whether this is the best option for you? The answer can be yes if your skin tags are located in around the underarms and neck areas. This is the quickest way to remove them. 

However, if you’re skin tags are located in delicate areas, you should consider other options. 

Best Skin Tag Removal Alternatives

Until this day, the reviews for Compound W Freeze Off continue to positive from those who have to use it. It is currently advertised as a product that removes wart but is a known alternative for skin tag removals. If you do not have the option to go to a doctor to have your skin tags removed or you simply want to do it by yourself at the comfort of your home, this is the ideal course of action for you. 

It does require a cautious application, so relaxed and precise hand is significant. But, for skin tags that are not in delicate areas, they can be removed with a single application of the treatment. The causes of skin tags are not yet known entirely, but few individuals seem to be more susceptible to it than others. 

You get the same benefit of Cryotherapy in the comfort of your house by using Compound W Freeze Off. Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover also works the same way. It is currently Compound W Freeze Off’s primary alternative. Removing skin tags swiftly does not require spending valuable money at the dermatologist’s clinic. 

Alternative skin tag freezing product. 

Other alternatives such as over the counter prescriptions are also available, but these can take a couple of months before users can see results. The use of skin tag freezing avoids the mess which you can get from creams and ointments. The growth structure of the skin tag itself is killed. This way, you are assured that it will recede quickly. 

If you are interested in home skin tag remedies, you should consider using the Compound W Freeze Off and freeze them away. It utilizes the effectivity of cryotherapy and the practicality of home remedies. Regardless of whether you a single skin tags or a couple, you can rely on this product to securely remove them permanently. 

What to Anticipate?

After the initial application of the Comp W Freeze off to your skin tag, you need to tend the treated area with care. Consistently and gently clean the surface with mild soap and lukewarm water. During the first 24 hours of application, avoid putting water in the treated area. 

Refrain from exposing the treated area from the sun to avoid scaring. If you happen to experience discomfort, pain, discoloration and bleeding, immediately contact your dermatologist and doctor. 

A dermatologist prescribed a home remedy for skin tag. 

Getting that flawless appearance is possible if you correctly follow the product’s instructions on how to remove skin tags. 

Final Verdict

When it comes to removing skin tags at your house, Compound W Freeze off is the quickest and most practical treatment option there is. Skin tags that are 3 mm in dimensions are safely removed by this product as long as instructions are adequately followed. All the necessary tools required for the procedure is with the kit. 

Using a mirror is suggested if you are dealing with skin tags that are located in areas with low visibility. By doing so, you can precisely apply the product without causing damage to the unintended regions. 

Make sure that before using the product, you have read and understood the instructions of its usage well. You will hear a hissing noise once you hold the canister upright. Then, press to confirm that you have correctly followed the instruction. 

In an event where there is no hissing noise during your preparation, then there is a possibility that the item has a defect. This will result in it working improperly. If this happens, stop using it. Call their customer service at 1-800-443-4908 for a product replacement.