Skin Tags 101: Can Thongs and Tight Underwear Be its Cause?

There are a lot of reasons why skin tags appear out of nowhere. Unless it is in-born, skin tags can be formed anytime and anywhere. Although there are no proven explanations yet on why such tags exist in the first place, doctors, dermatologists, and scientists determined that one of the causes may be friction since skin tags show up in areas that experience such great force.

According to sources, the usual place for the formation of skin tags is in the groin area. If you are unfamiliar with it, it will be very confusing and scary in the beginning. But do not worry, if it is diagnosed early, you will be relieved because it is harmless.

But once you have one, there will be a time where you will be curious about how it appears so you will be able to avoid it next time, especially if it is down there. So, you will perhaps think that wearing tight undies might be the reason for it. Or those thongs can also be the culprit. This is logical because this is basically where a lot of friction happens. 

Now, let us dive more in-depth on what makes skin tags appear near the genitals and how to avoid it. Of course, this article will discuss ways on how to safely and effectively remove it.

Skin Tags in the Groin Region

As defined according to various sources, skin tags near the genitals are just the same in other skin areas. They are described as soft mole-like growths, in the color flesh, with a narrow stalk. They are also usually found outside the anus, aside from the groin area, 

If you look at it closely, it should appear smooth. However, if it feels rough, proceed to a doctor immediately. This is to assure you that you have no signs of melanoma. 

Weight Gain

Since the tummy can form thousands of folds, skin tags will likely appear on it. Such a case is a common factor, especially for overweight people. The friction between the skin, folds, and clothes can be present if you are always sitting for long hours. It is a natural breeding ground for growth. 

Pregnancy and Hormones

Unfortunately, aside from all the pain and irritations women experience when they are pregnant, it does not exempt them from having skin tags growth around the groin area. Moreover, severe fluctuations of hormones can also be the reason why skin tags are formed. 

Tight Underwears & Thongs: A Cause?

All in all, wearing tight clothing is enough to cause skin tags to breed. This is because of the whole friction situation. Sadly, our undies are created and sewn to be fitted to our genitals. 

With elastic bands wrapped around the waist and the legs, its tightness around the hips can be a reason for skin tags to be there. When there are friction and tight garments, it is there no matter what.

In terms of thongs, it can be a significant cause for having tags on the anal. Because such clothing being tight, the thongs can also contribute to having skin tags. However, other reasons for having butt growths is due to hemorrhoids. You be sure to seek a doctor if you do not wear tight undies and thongs, but you have such tags. 

The Removal Process

First and foremost, removing skin tags are normal. People do it for cosmetic reasons. So, doing self-treatment is healthy and safe as long as you follow the procedures strictly and correctly. However, removing it on a sensitive area is a whole different story. But do not worry, there is away. 

If you are looking for the best tool to use in eliminating skin tags, the highly suggested is the TagBand device. It is proven and tested in removing skin tags since you will just put a band on the stalk of the growth. 

Between seven to 10 days, the skin tag will shrink and become discolored. Until a few days of continuous treatment, it will fall off since it loses its oxygen and blood supply. 

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When to Avoid Self-Treatments

As already said, removing skin tags on your own is a normal process. There are tons of articles that give vivid and precise descriptions of the process. However, if the growths are near your genitals, it is much better to file an appointment with your doctors to have a safe procedure in eliminating it. But if you want to, here are things to consider. 

When buying treatments, do not purchase over-the-counter products unless approved and recommended by a doctor. 

As much as possible, avoid using concentrated and robust essential oils on or around your sensitive skin. Unless your flesh does not get easily irritated. 

Lastly, never use vinegar, chemical peels, or acids in removing the skin tags in the groin area since these are intense substances. This is only applicable for growths far from those zones. 

Can it Be Prevented? 

If skin tags can be formed, it can also be avoided. However, it is not a 100 percent solution. But here are a few things to remember to dodge those cysts on the skins on your groin. 

First is to control your weight and, as much as possible, wear loose underwear and thongs, mainly if you are prone to have skin tags.