SkinTag-MD: A Review of a Natural Skin tag Remover

Skintag-MD is an all natural skin tag remover.

In the medical world, skin tags are a bit strange. However, having a skin tag is nothing to worry about, but it is visually distracting for most people. Such small growths on the skin are also quite common, and most people are likely to get one during their existence. Mostly they appear on skin folds and other areas such as the neck, around the eyes, and groin.

The growths are said to pop up because of friction, obesity, and hormonal changes. This is particularly the case when someone is pregnant and has genetic problems. Contrary to the belief, everyone can obtain skin tags. But some people are more likely to get them than the others. 

Although it is not required to get them removed, most people want their skin tags to be extracted at home by using a treatment kit to enable the person to remove the tags on their own. Typically, these kits include either a freezing agent or a topical cream to destroy the skin growth and eventually eliminate the dermal tags.

You might want to try the SkinTag-MD Natural Skin Tag Remover if you do not like the thought of freezing your skin tag or spending for an expensive treatment and would instead consider a natural solution. In this article, we will review this product in its entirety so you can determine whether or not it will work for your skin tag.

Review of the SkinTag-MD Natural Skin Tag Remover

SkinTag-MD is a firm but gentle product that is made with all-natural and compatible skin compounds and a formula that does not cause any pain whatsoever. It is a topical solution that takes a few seconds to apply to get rid of those adamant skin tags.

The skin tag remover is intended for use three times a day to achieve the most efficient tag removal within three to six weeks. The container has around half an ounce of the product and is provided with a lid that has a built-in brush to make the application process much more manageable.

Apply Easily and Without Discomfort

Many removal kits for skin tags can be quite painful and takes a slow process to pull out the tags. Also, some freezing solutions do not feel very good. A skin tag that is surgically removed can still feel uncomfortable, even though the region is usually soaked in the local anesthetic. In contrast, you can only feel the dampness of the solution on your skin when you use SkinTag-MD.

You have to use the included brush to apply a bit of the solution on a skin tag each day. The application process is also surprisingly fast. The manufacturer advises that the product should be used three times daily – once during the daytime, at lunch again, and before bedtime for the final application. This will ensure that the product will work efficiently.

An All-Natural and Trusted Formulation

Most major brands that are selling it are made of unbelievably harsh chemical compounds that are unsuitable as a skin tag remover. Not only do such chemicals not feel okay when used on your skin, but they can also lead to adverse effects and long-term health hazards.

The company that owns SkinTag-MD developed its product with all-natural and safe for the skin ingredients to prevent this from happening. Most of the formula of the product is made from natural active ingredients. Even if they are not made of synthetic chemicals, they are still sufficiently powerful enough to treat the tags without causing any irritations or issues along the way.

What Are The Product’s ingredients?

We have stated that the natural skin remover, SkinTag-MD, is primarily made with herbal extracts making it safe to use by people with sensitive skin. Also, you should always read the complete ingredients list in any product that you will use on your skin to ensure its protection. 

This is great to know, however, that it is made from organic sources. Additionally, this is to inform people that they are not using any chemicals that may induce an adverse reaction from using the said product.

The ingredients in this removal solution for skin tags are as follows:

  • Soybean Oil
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Sunflower Oil
  • BHT
  • SD-Alcohol 40B

The supplier also suggests that you should stop or avoid using the drug for the meantime and contact a dermatologist right away if any discomfort or skin irritation occurs while you are using the product. However, the company claims that it is unlikely to experience any discomfort or skin rash. 

You should not use the skin tag remover if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. To be safe, it is best to talk to your doctor first to make sure the product is not harmful to use.

Feedback and Consumer Reports

SkinTag-MD is currently an unknown drug; it was only purchased and used by few consumers. For instance, on Amazon, you can find that only a few customer reviews have been written. Usually, it means that the product is entirely new or has not acquired attention from the masses yet. 

Nonetheless, the people who did the review for the product generally gave good feedback. They all say the product has worked great and is effective. One person stated that users should take note that you have to wait for a few weeks to see the results of this specific treatment.