Things to Know Before Removing Belly Button Skin Tags

It’s pretty common to have skin tags on the belly button, and it’s nothing to be alarmed about. They may also show up when you get a belly button piercing or when you get pregnant. During pregnancy, the body goes through so many changes that could affect the skin, and skin tags can show up at any moment.

Skin tags are growths that may cause alarm if you don’t know what they are. However, they are benign and will pose no risk to your health. They appear in different sizes, and they can get as big as one centimeter. You may already have a skin tag inside your belly button without you knowing it.

For as long as there are no abnormalities, skin tags are completely harmless. If you notice these skin tags in your belly button and you’re thinking of having them removed, below is everything you need to know.

Skin Tag Colors on the Belly Button

Looking at skin tag colors is a good way to check if it’s healthy or not. It’s normal for them to be the same color as your skin tone or a few shades darker. If they are black or very dark, it usually means that they’re about to fall off. 

If your skin tags change in color too frequently, or if they are red or pink, it’s ideal to have a doctor check if you have a different skin condition. Go see a doctor too if there are other abnormalities like bleeding and pain because there may be an underlying problem to it. While skin tags are mostly benign, you still want to make sure that yours are not cancerous.

Things to Know Before Removing Belly Button Skin Tags
Close-up of a person’s belly button.

Skin Tags from Belly Button Piercings

Skin tags can show up after you get your belly button pierced. This is because of many possible reasons, and it’s believed (though not proven) that it’s friction that causes these skin tags. Skin to skin contact or your new jewelry rubbing against your skin may have likely caused these skin tags.

When you do find that you have a skin tag because of your new piercing, you have to remove your jewelry and let the piercing heal. Only when it’s fully healed and without infection can you get the skin tag removed.

Should I Remove Them?

You can have skin tags cosmetically removed if they make you uncomfortable or if you don’t like how they look on your skin. Chances are, they won’t disappear on their own.

If you’re pregnant and you want them removed, you have to wait until after you’ve given birth, just to prevent complications to you and your baby. It’s also possible that these tags will fall off after you give birth.

If you aren’t pregnant, then skin tag removal won’t be a problem. There are different ways to treat skin tags, and your choice will depend on how fast you want them gone, how much you tolerate pain, and how much money you can spend on treatment.

Skin Tag Removal Methods – Methods Used by Doctors

There are many methods used by doctors in removing skin tags, such as heat or chemical cauterization and laser removal. There’s also a method that utilizes freezing to remove the skin tags. However, heading to a doctor to have your skin tags treated will cost you extra money, and the procedure is not covered by your health insurance unless your skin tags come with a more serious condition or are infected.

Home Remedy Skin Tag Removers

A number of home remedy treatments are also available for removing skin tags on your own. Be reminded that your belly button is a sensitive area. You want to approach this procedure with caution, or you can cause serious complications.

Tea Tree Oil

One of the best natural remedies you can make use of is tea tree oil. It’s an antiseptic that can be used to treat varying skin problems. Simply soak a q-tip in the oil, and apply it onto the skin tag and its stalk. Repeat the process three times a day, and you should find that your skin tag will start to dry out and fall off after around three to six weeks.

TagBand Skin Tag Remover

A faster method of removal is by using the TagBand Skin Tag Remover. It works simply by placing a tight band around the stalk of the skin tag, which then immediately restricts its blood flow. A skin tag without proper blood flow cannot survive, so it will naturally fall off after around seven to ten days.

However, this method will work only for skin tags located outside of the belly button, and not on the ones hidden inside.

What to do if the Skin Tag is Infected

If you think your skin tag is infected, make sure to go see a doctor before trying out removal procedures on your own. Otherwise, the infection may evolve into a bigger problem. Your doctor will prescribe you exactly what you need to treat your infection quickly.


Getting skin tags inside the belly button is not uncommon. While there rarely are medical reasons to have them removed since they are harmless if you want to anyway, then the above guide will help you get started.