How To Get Rid of Skin Tags on the Neck

Skin tags are soft flaps of skin that hangs off the skin and looks a little bit like warts. They are quite common and mostly found among older adults and overweight people. Skin tags are harmless, no matter where they are found. The neck is one area of the body where skin tags are commonly seen. Other places include the eyelids, armpits, buttocks, armpits, around the groin, etc.

Skin tags on the neck as with any other area on the body are made of loose collagen fibers and blood vessels. Areas on the body with skin folds tend to be more susceptible to the formation of skin tags. Friction, which is said to be the main cause of skin tags, occurs more in these areas than in any other part of the body.


Possible Causes of Skin Tags on The Neck

So far, there is no concrete and conclusive evidence as to what causes skin tags to form on the body. However, from observations, the plausible explanation for the causes of skin tag is friction. Health professionals came to this conclusion due to the areas where skin tags appear the most.

Other reasons that might cause skin tags to form on the neck or other parts of the body include –

Genetics – if you have various members of the family that have skin tags or had it in the past, you are prone to having it too if you haven’t had it already.

Obesity – People who are obese are more likely to have skin tags than their counterparts who aren’t.

Hormone fluctuation – spikes in hormones and irregularities have also been said to cause the formation of skin tags on the body. Although, more research is still be done to understand how this happens.

Aging – Since older population tends to have skin tags more than the younger generation, there’s a bigger possibility of you having one as you age older.


Do You Need To Remove The Skin Tags On Your Neck?

Skin tags are benign tumors. They do not pose a risk to your health. You can live with them without having to worry about them becoming a problem later in the future. However, there are times when neck skin tags can cause you pain and make you uncomfortable.

For example, if your clothing keeps touching the skin tags on your neck, it might get irritated. Such irritation could lead to the inflammation of the skin tags on your neck causing you pain.

Apart from the pain caused, neck skin tags are usually unsightly and might become an aesthetic/cosmetic issue. For some individuals, their profession might be tied to their aesthetic looks, and such ugly tumors on the neck could affect them. The neck being an area of the body visible to the public, the presence of skin tags could also affect your social relationship with others.


Removal of Skin Tags On The Neck

You can remove the skin tags on your neck or other parts of your body by visiting a doctor. The use of natural remedies or over-the-counter treatment options are also effective ways of getting rid of this benign tumors.

We would start by discussing over-the-counter solutions, followed by natural remedies and lastly having a dermatologist or doctor remove the skin tags for you.


Over-The-Counter Treatment Solutions For Removing Skin Tags On Your Neck

There are various products you can easily get your hands on without the need for a prescription for removing skin tags on your neck or other parts of your body. Some of them include


TagBand Skin Tag Removal Device

Using the TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit is similar to using dental floss or thread to tie off the base (or neck) of the tumor to cut off its blood supply. Tying off the skin tags on your neck is much easier, faster and cleaner using TagBand.

For the smaller-sized skin tags on your neck, you should use the Micro TagBand Removal Kit as it’s more effective than the standard kit.


SkinPro Skin Tag Remover & Mole Corrector

Usually a single or dual application is all that is required to cut off the blood flow to the skin tags.  It takes about two-four weeks for the skin tags to fall off.


Dr. Scholl Freeze Away Wart Remover

With Dr. Scholl Freeze Away Wart Remover, you can remove the skin tags on your neck by freezing it which will cut off the supply of blood to the area. This leads to the death of the tissues skin tags.


Natural Remedies to Remove the Skin Tags on Your Neck

Apothecary Tea Tree Oil

Lemon Juice / Lemon Oil


Apothecary Tea Tree Oil

The Tea Tree Oil is one of the most versatile essential oils used in the health industry to combat various skin problems. By applying tea tree oil to the skin tags on your neck, the skin tag will eventually dry out and fall off after a couple of days or weeks.


Lemon Juice / Lemon Oil

Lemon juice is acidic and has an anti-bacterial property. Applying lemon juice to the affected area will slowly cauterize and dry out the targeted area gradually till it kills the tissues of the skin tags. Lemon oil also has an antibacterial property and works in a similar way to tea tree oil. Applying lemon oil to your skin tags dries the skin tags which eventually off later.

Medical Treatment Options For Removing Skin Tags On Your Neck

A visit to the doctor is one the fastest and safest way to get rid of the skin tags on your neck and around other parts of your body. Your doctor will generally use any of these four methods – cryotherapy, cauterization, ligation or surgical excision – to remove your skin tags.


Cryotherapy: Your doctor uses a medical freezing agent, e.g., liquid nitrogen to freeze off the skin tags. This causes the tissues of the skin tags to die due to the deprivation of oxygen and blood.

Except for the slight sting when the liquid nitrogen touches your skin, it is quite a painless procedure. The risk of scarring is also low, which makes it an excellent way to get rid of your skin tags.


Cauterization: this method involves having your doctor use a medical cautery device or cream to burn off the skin tags on your neck. A numbing cream or local anesthetic is applied before the treatment to minimize pain.

The risk of scarring is a bit higher using the cauterization method. Hence, extra care should be taken when using this treatment.

Tip – The treated area should be cleaned and sterilized to promote healing and minimize the risk of infection and scarring.


Ligation: Tying off the skin tags with a thread or string to cut off blood flow to the tissues of the skin tags. This takes much time compared to the rest, but it’s well worth it as you don’t have to deal with scarring. Skin Tag removal using this method is really painless which is why a lot of people especially older adults prefer this method.


Surgical Excision: Your doctor uses a sterilized scalpel or any surgical blade to remove the skin tags on your neck. For medium to big-sized skin tags, this might be a great and effective solution.

Tip – Proper care should also be taken when this method is used to reduce the chances of scarring and infection.

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