How To Treat Skin Tags on Eyelids, Around & Under the Eyes

Having Skin tags on your eyelids or anywhere close, might be harmless but their appearance as you’ll later experience could prove harmful to your image or your social relationship. They might not pose a risk to your health wise but they put you at a cosmetic disadvantage.


For one, it’s embarrassing as hell having to move around and interact with people every day and the first they notice is that fleshy colored skin tumor on your eyelid(s) or anywhere on your face. It’s like having a neon signboard on your face drawing unnecessary and unwanted attention to you.


That said, their appearance especially when they are many in numbers and quite large could make you feel self-conscious of yourself. They can be a source of pain if they get irritated and inflamed.

A largely sized bump or a cluster of multiple skin tags on the eyelid could impair your vision and affect your ability to see clearly and move. They could get in your way of life, affects your professional and personal lifestyle altogether.


Now, we don’t want that, do we?


You’ve got two options when it comes to getting rid of skin tags. Scheduling a visit to your doctor is one great option. Another option is to get rid of them yourself with over-the-counter treatments.

If the second option sounds good to you, then you’re in luck. In this post, you’ll know the exact things you need to do and whatnots in your quest to defeat that blemish on your skin – skin tags.

Three (3) Popular, Inexpensive Over-The-Counter Treatments for Removing Skin Tags

1. TagBand for Lower/Upper Eyelid Skin Tags

The TagBand kit employs the use of ligation – tying off the affected area to cut off the blood supply to the area. It is an excellent choice for medium to largely sized skin tags as tying them off will be much easier. It is also an inexpensive way to get rid of skin tags around the eyelids as it cost just a few dollars.

For smaller sized skin tags, you might want to try using the Micro TagBand version, specifically designed for small-sized skin tags. If your skin tag is much smaller than what the Micro TagBand can handle effectively, there’s no need to fret and be worried. You’ve still got two more options down the lane to explore.

Pro Tip:  Please make sure you use the right band for your skin tag for it to be effective. A loose knot will not cut off the blood flow entirely, which will make the band ineffective or slow in action.

Results start to show within the second week of use. You need to be patient to see things through. When the skin tag color begins to turn a shade darker, turning black or purple, this means the tissue is dying off. You can expect the tag to fall off any moment from there henceforth.


2. Tea Tree Oil

For those tiny sized skin tags that are difficult to remove with a band, the Apothecary Tea Tree Oil is your best bet. It’s natural, safe and quite effective in eliminating skin tags. If you’re looking for how to get rid of skin tags on/around your eyelids. This is the answer to your prayer.


The only downsides we know so far are – that it takes a much longer time for the effect to start showing (about 5 – 8 weeks). So, this method isn’t for the impatient ones. Also, it isn’t for everyone. With hundreds of loyal users, claiming it works for them and swears by it, we also have some users that it didn’t work for.  They would always be an exception to things.


Pro Tip: if you notice your skin is getting irritated when using tea tree oil, you should stop using it. The same thing applies to if you have an allergic reaction to it, which is rare.


2. Pristine Wart Mole Vanish Cream

How does it feel to make something annoying and sometimes uncomfortable vanish? Yeah, just disappear. Well, that’s what the Mole Vanish cream is known for. When applied to skin growths such as warts or skin tags, they vanish within days.

The Pristine Vanish cream uses the cauterization method to remove tumors on your skin. A single or dual application of the cream is usually enough to get the job done. Except, in cases, where the skin tag(s) is/are bigger and stubborn. The kit comes with a precision applicator that helps to make applying the cream easy with preciseness.

You will have to wait for about a week though to have the skin tag fall off by itself. And when it does, you’ll be left with a scab which must be left alone. No picking at the scab. You have to wait until it heals itself completely.

Pro Tip: You should try to clean the scab with an antimicrobial wash, and put a Band-Aid over it. That will help in reducing the possibility of scarring and the scab from being infected.

Use the cream with care. Avoid applying the cream on areas of the skin that isn’t affected as it might cause more damage to the skin.

In a situation where the removal cream accidentally gets onto your eyes, do not attempt to scrub your eyes. Stop whatever you’re doing and wash your eye or face thoroughly with water. Preferably under running water.


What Causes Skin Tags?

Till date, doctors haven’t found out the exact cause for this benign skin tumor around the eyelid (and on other parts of the body). So far, the only plausible reason that doctors and researchers have come up with is due to the rubbing of the skin folds around the eyelids against each other. This causes friction, which is suggested to be the cause.

However, a study carried out shows that they may be a link between the presence of skin tags and insulin resistance, overweight, and hypertriglyceridemia. It’s also a fact that people are more prone to have skin tags form on their body as they age older.

For some individuals, skin tags run in the family hinting at a connection between genetics and skin tags.


Prevention Of Skin Tags Around The Eyes (And On Other Parts Of The Body)

The proverb – “You can’t hit what you can’t see” seems to apply here. As scientists cannot accurately pinpoint the cause of skin tags on the body, there’s no guaranteed way to prevent this benign skin growth.


However, they are some pointers as to what may be the cause.  Few suggestions have been made in that regards to help you reduce the possibilities of having one.


Here are some suggestions –

Keep your weight in check as overweight people tend to have more extra skin rubbing against each other.

Wear breathable cloth, e.g., materials made from cotton, rather than the ones made from nylon or spandex.


Side Effects Associated With Skin Tags Under The Eye Removal

Irritation / Allergic Reaction: there’s a possibility of getting your skin irritated or developing an allergic reaction to the use of some home remedy options, e.g., removal creams and oils used.

Inflammation: some individuals’ skin might react to the use of some home-remedy options might cause the inflammation of your skin

Injury: if you accidental get any of the skin tag removal options inside your eyes, it might cause a temporary blurring of vision and in some rare blindness use of creams or oils could cause injury


Dos and Don’ts –

When it comes to removing skin tags around your eyelids, here are some tips to follow –

Always go for a natural option when you can. Not all natural home remedies are safe or will help prevent your skin from being irritated

Avoid applying skin tags removal cream or oils on unaffected areas of the skin especially on sensitive areas to avoid irritation or injury

Don’t pick at scabs formed after treatment to ensure proper healing and avoid permanent scarring.

Always clean affected areas (pre and post) treatment with an anti-bacterial wash or antiseptic to avoid infections.

Adhere to instructions provided by manufacturers of OTC products to ensure you get the results promised.


How Much Does Eye Skin Tag Removal Cost? (OTC Products vs. Doctor Fees)

For removing skin tags on/around your eyelids, there are good and effective over-the-counter products you can get for less than $100. Most OTC treatments falls within the $20 to $100 region. It is important to know that price is not a true reflection of quality. That’s why you need to check other people’s feedback about various tumor removal products before using them.


Should you decide to visit a doctor for removing the skin tags, you will spend anything from $100 and $500. That’s about 5x – 20x the cost of over the counter treatments. The fees are no way fixed as they vary depending on your location, insurance, and the number of skin tags you want to remove.

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