Losing Weight: Does It Remove a Skin Tag?

Skin Tags are benign growths that look like tiny flaps of skin. They do not cause adverse effects to the body, but they may look bothersome, especially around the eyes, face, and neck areas. However, does losing weight result in the skin tags falling off? It is possible, but losing weight is not entirely the reason why they fall off. 

A regular flow of oxygenated blood is need by a skin tag to thrive. Without it, they change before falling off. The issue that this does not happen to everyone, and when skin tag is left untreated, they can remain with you forever. Aside from that, they grow in various sizes, which can be painful when irritated. There is even a chance that it might get infected. 

If you are wondering whether skin tags fall off on their own, then you are on the right page. In this article, We will be exploring that possibility and the reason why that happens. We will also talk about the different possible treatments and how pregnancy weight gain has implications for developing skin tags. 

Does Losing Weight Result to Skin Tags Falling Off? 

If you have lost weight and notice that your skin tag has fallen off, however, what you may have may not have been a skin tag to begin with. Although, if it was, it might have become twisted, which is why it fell off. What you had is more likely a wart or other type of skin condition. For skin tags, they will remain with you unless you do something like treating it with OTC products. 

There are plenty of positive benefits brought by losing weight. You will less likely develop skin tags now because you have fewer skin folds. It is normal to have a few skin tags around the eyes or armpit. But, if there is lesser friction on the skin, they will be less likely to appear as well. 

Now, we will take a closer look at the effects of pregnancy weight. However, if you are not pregnant or you do not need this type of information, then it is best to skip to the next topic. 

Will Skin Tags Fall Off After Delivery? 

The reason why people develop skin tags is still very vague, but it is clear that hormones have a lot to do with it. Aside from that, skin friction is also known as a culprit for the existence of skin tag as well as rapid weight gain. Pregnant ladies who are in their fifth mon of pregnancy often develop skin tags in their stomach areas. 

Medical professionals suggest to expecting mothers to wait until the end of their pregnancy before using any treatment. Fortunately, most skin tags fall off on their own after delivery. However, if you happen to develop skin tags around your private area, dermatologist suggests not to treat it on your own and consult medical advice as soon as possible. 

Natural Alternative for Skin Tag Removal After Weight Loss

Among other skin tags removal alternatives out there, we strongly recommend using natural tea tree oil, primarily if they are found around the face or breast areas. If they do, apply Australian tea tree oil. The treatment you use must not result in scarring. 

However, natural treatments may take a significant amount of time before you can see the results. There is also a need for more consistent effort as well. The application of the essential oils should be applied 3 times throughout the day. This is why it is no surprise why many people fail to get the benefit out of this treatment.

The effectiveness of remedies varies from one person to another. It is not an exact science that will deliver the same result for everybody. You have to try multiple products and asses the effectiveness of it to your body. 

After Weight Loss: How to Eliminate Skin Tags

Congratulations on losing weight and being the best version of yourself. Now, the problem you have left is the existence of skin tags in awkward positions, which prevents you from flaunting your new body. You know that they are not going to fall off on their own, so you should seek over-the-counter or natural remedies to eradicate them as soon as possible. 

There are several options that you can use to get the job done effectively. One solution is by undergoing the process of ligation. This process ties off the skin tag with a string or dental floss to cut-off the oxygenated blood flow. Another way to remove them is by using the TagBand skin tag removal device. It works the same techniques as ligation but without the need and expense of going to a doctor’s office. 

However, before doing any treatment, make sure that what you have is indeed a skin tag. They are easy to identify. They are smooth and rooted in the skin. It might be tempting to twist or touch them, but we suggest that you don’t avoid irritation and infection. Choose the correct type of treatment to get the fastest result as possible.