Top 3 Safe OTC Products for Removing Skin Tags on The Face

Skin tags are one of the common benign tumors. They are in most cases, the last thing you will have to worry about health-wise. Since they’re harmless, it’s easy to overlook them if they’re mostly tiny-sized bumps that can be covered up with a little cosmetic makeup.


However, when this skin tumor (skin tags) start to grow bigger or newly large-sized ones begins to form on your face, they’ve got to go. For one, they’re harder to conceal and more prone to irritation and inflammation. That said, they also affect the way we interact with others as they make us more self-conscious and get in the way of our lifestyles. Their presence (skin tags) could hold your social and professional lifestyle hostage.


Our face remains a vital part of our body. They’re the visible part of our body that tends to get the most attention during our interaction with others. Research has shown that our facial appearance in most cases is used to create an impression of us. We are usually treated based on this impression.


We don’t want to create an impression of an unhealthy person. Moreover, as said earlier, our facial appearances could affect not just our social lives alone but professional ones too.


Would you prefer a waiter with clusters of giant skin tags serving your food or someone else? All things being equal, would you choose a receptionist with skin tags appearing all over her face and body to attend to your clients or one without the cosmetic disadvantage?

Who would you rather hook up with? Someone with a flawless skin beauty or one with multiple unsightly tumors?


I’m sure you’ve got the picture I’m trying to paint?


Fortunately for you, we would be explaining how to remove facial skin tags safely using over-the-counter treatments.  In this post, we would be discussing the top three (3) products for safely removing the skin tags on your face effectively.


Most of the Over The Counter (OTC) products work by either cutting off (ligation) the blood flow to the skin tags, cryotherapy (freezing) or by cauterization – burning the affected area to kill the tissue of the skin tag. Any of the methods is effective and leads to the removal of skin tags.


Here We Go!

1. Tea Tree Oil (For Skin Tags) for Removing Skin Tags

Tea Tree oil is made from tea tree is an essential oil quite effective in treating various skin issues, skin tags being one of them. It has both antimicrobial, antifungal and antiseptic properties making it one of the cheapest solutions with a variety of uses in our list.


It is important the tea tree oil you’re using is of premium quality and 100% pure. Something else might not give you the result you want within the timeframe expected. So, if you’re buying a tea tree oil, you want to make sure you’re getting the full package & benefits.  Not just some fancy shiny oil. We recommend you use the Australian tea tree oil. It is 100% pure and of premium quality with a lot of raving reviews.


Tea tree oil works by drying out the tissues of the skin tag. This leads to the blood flow being cut off and eventually causing the death of the tissue. During this process, the skin tag might turn a shade darker. Please try to desist from picking at the scab to avoid scarring your face or infecting it.

Treatment might take several days to a few weeks for you to start seeing results. After it completely dries out, the skin tag should fall off on its own.

You might also want to look into the Bael Wellness Tea Tree Oil as an alternative if you can’t lay your hands on the Australian Tea Tree oil.

2. Wart Remover Freezing Kit for Removing Skin Tags

Ain’t we trying to remove skin tags, you might say. Then why use a wart remover? Well, we’re using the same products for eliminating warts for this single reason alone – Freezing also works on skin tags. You can use the over-the-counter freezing kit to freeze the skin tags and cut off the supply of blood to the tissues. The fleshy bumps (skin tags) eventually fall off after a while.


When you choose freezing as your chosen method of getting rid of skin tags, it is recommended to get the ones that freeze deeply. This is essential to ensure you cut off the blood supply to skin tags.

For this, we recommend you try Dr. Scholls Freeze Away Wart Remover and Compound W Freeze Off.

3. TagBand Skin Tag Removal Kit

TagBand uses a method that involves cutting off blood supply to your skin tags, making use of a thread/floss/strip to “suffocate” the skin tags. The suffocation leads to the death of the tissues of the skin tags.

For smaller-sized skin tags, please ensure you have and use the right version of the TagBand – Micro TagBand. This will help to properly secure the base of the skin tags firmly and prevent the flow of the skin tags. The larger band might not be able to cut off the blood flow effectively.


While skin tags are harmless, mostly painless (except when irritated and inflamed) and pose no threat to your health whatsoever, their presence could be a cosmetic problem. Skin tags are unsightly, and their removal might not be a pleasant experience. Patience is required when using any OTC solution for treating skin tags.


Tips / Advice on Treating Facial Skin Tags

Everyone responds differently to treatments. Don’t be perturbed if a treatment that works for others doesn’t work for you. You see, what works for let’s say Jane and Mary might not work for you and what works for you might not work for them. Our skins are different, and we’re all bound to respond differently to various treatments.


When using OTC treatments, we suggest you perform a patch test to see how your skin reacts to its use before using it in all areas where you have skin tags. This will help you avoid using or investing a lot in a treatment option that you’re allergic to.


Don’t pick at skin lesion injuries or scabs to avoid infecting it and minimize the risk of permanent scarring.


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