Top 10 Home Remedies For Skin Tags Removal

You’ll agree with me that a visit to a doctor, on a perfect day, means being attended to quickly, having your questions answered to, your doubts cleared and getting the proper treatment for whatever it is you came for.

However, on a not too good day, which unfortunately tends to be the norm, you end up with regret, more stress, loss of productive time, zero or ineffective solution to your problem and a hole in your pocket.

Not everyone can afford these outcomes. For the majority, they have neither the time nor the financial resilience to keep visiting a doctor until they found a solution to their problems.

Fortunately for you, skin tags aren’t a threat to your health and do not require a critical intervention of a doctor. Skin tags are benign skin tumors. They are more of a cosmetic issue than a health issue, and luckily for you, they’re some few ways to get rid of them at home. You don’t have to visit a doctor for this.

Home remedies are less expensive, intrusive and offer a comfortable way to treat yourself. When used appropriately, home remedies are an excellent alternative to a doctor’s visit. No more having to wait for long hours to see a doctor, loss of productive time, disappointment and a hole in your pocket that keeps getting bigger.

Top 10 Remedies for Skin Tag(s) Removal At Home

If you have been searching for a while on how to effectively remove your skin tags safely without having to drain your pocket, you’re in luck today. We would be giving out our top ten home remedies for removing the skin tags on your body. All you have to do is go through our lists and go with the one you feel comfortable with

  1. Nail Clippers

The use of nail clippers is one of the effective, simple ways you can use to get rid of your skin tags.

A sharp nail clipper will get the job done in seconds. If you’ve got a bump (skin tag) or a few and you need to get rid of them pretty fast without having to visit a doctor, a nail clipper is a good bet.

Although, not everyone can use this method due to their fear of pain or phobia of blood. Special care should also be taken to ensure the area where the skin tags were cut off is cleaned with an antiseptic to avoid infections.


How To:

Get a nail clipper with a sharp tip, place the clipper very close to the base of the skin tag, then apply a little bit of pressure to close and clip the base. Voila, the skin tag is off. To avoid bleeding, clean the wound with an antiseptic, and apply some pressure over it with the aid of a bandage.

It is important you use a sharp clipper when cutting off skin tags as a dull one might cause you a lot of (avoidable) pains. Getting a clean cut might also be impossible should you use a blunt nail clipper.

  1. Dental floss


Not just for cleaning the spaces between your teeth alone, dental floss can also be used to remove skin tags. It’s quite a popular choice for a lot of people to get rid of their skin tags. By tying off the skin tags at the base with dental floss, you cut off the blood supply to the skin tags. The skin tags eventually dry out, dies and fall off after a couple of days.


How To:

Place a piece of dental floss around the neck (stem) of the skin tag; tie the floss around the tumor. Ensure the knot is tight enough to ensure the blood flow is cut off entirely.




  1. Tea Tree Oil

Hardly will you see a skin issue where tea tree oil isn’t used in one way or the other. Either alone or in conjunction with other oils or ingredients. Tea tree oil is one of the go-to essential oils for correcting various skin issues. It honestly deserves the hype surrounding it.

Tea tree oil is amazing in many aspects. It possesses antiseptic, antifungal and even antibacterial properties. It works wonders on skin tags as it dries out the skin tag, which falls off after a few weeks of continuous application.

Direct application of tea tree oil might irritate the skin for some individuals. In this case, you might add coconut oil or any other soothing carrier oil to dilute the tea tree oil before applying it. Although, this might push the treatment time up.


How To:

Dip a q-tip or cotton ball in tea tree oil and apply it to the skin tag areas. Repeat two to three times daily. Avoid applying the tea tree oil to areas not affected as it could cause dryness and irritation.



  1.  Apple Cider Vinegar

A health champion in its own right, it has been used for several decades for treating various health issues. From killing harmful bacteria, losing weight to dealing with diabetes, teeth whitening and having shiny hair. You just can’t go wrong with one of the people’s favorites– apple cider vinegar.

Due to its acidic properties, applying apple cider vinegar to your skin tags helps to break down its tissue. And it’s only a matter of time before it begins to fall off.

How To:

Soak a cotton swab in apple cider vinegar, place the soaked cotton ball over the skin tag. Use a bandage to keep the cotton ball in place for 20 to 30 minutes. Wash the skin after this. Repeat twice to three times daily.

You should start results within the next few weeks. Using apple cider vinegar tends to take more time compared to others. So don’t get discouraged.


  1. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful anti-oxidant with a lot of benefits to the skin. Vit. E is used in treating skin issues like acne, fading scars, skin rejuvenation, and aging. Unlike others, Vit. E can take several weeks to months for you to start seeing results.

This method requires a steadfast approach to an uncompromised routine to get maximum results.


How To:

Apply a little vitamin E on every skin tag and massage it with it for several seconds to get the oil in. You can also use a Vitamin E capsule if you can’t lay your hands on the oil. Split open a vitamin E capsule and apply it as you will do with a vitamin E oil jar.

  1. Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is known to have strong antioxidant properties and anti-aging. You can count on lemon oil to help you get rid of your skin tags. It’s already been used for many health issues such as skin nourishment, acne treatment, skin whitening, scars fading, etc. It could also serve as an antimicrobial agent.


How To:

Dip a cotton ball inside the oil and apply it on areas where the skin tags are.

  1. Garlic

Known for treating a variety of health conditions ranging from fever, headache, chronic fatigue syndrome, skin infection and so on. It possesses both antibacterial and antifungal properties. Garlic could also be used as a natural remedy to get rid of skin tags. For some individuals, garlic is their go-to solution when a skin tag forms on their skin.


How To:

Cut garlic clove into several thinly pieces, crush and ground them into a paste, apply the paste to the affected area (skin tags). Use a bandage to hold the paste in and leave it for hours. Do this preferably at night and leave it till the next day. Repeat process till skin tag shrink and fall off.

  1. Banana Peels

A rich source of antioxidant and potassium, banana peels has many uses when dealing with various cosmetic or health issues, e.g., skin whitening or brightening, and treating acne, etc. Banana peels can also be used for getting rid of skin tags. The peel of a banana can help you can you dry out a skin tag. So next time you eat a banana or make a smoothie with one, don’t throw the peel away.


How To:

Rub a piece of a banana peel over the skin tag and leave it there. Use a bandage to secure it firmly. Do this at night so you can leave it overnight. Repeat process till skin tag dries out and fall off.

  1. Oregano Oil

According to WebMD, the oil of oregano is used for treating various skin issues among its numerous health benefits – acne, athlete’s foot, dandruff, canker sores, warts, ringworm, rosacea, and psoriasis and so on. Oregano Oil can also be used on skin tags to remove them.


How To:

Apply the oil to skin tag areas on your body with the help of a cotton swab or q-tip. Make sure you clean the area first with an antiseptic or wash with antibacterial soap before the application of the oil. It’s preferably you do this at night and leave it till the next day. Wash and repeat the process until the skin tag dries off and fall off.


  1. OTC Options – Removal Cream, Band or Freezing Kit

If the sound of checking out your popular drugstores or pharmacies sounds much better than stepping a foot in your doctor’s office, then this method is for you. There are various over-the-counter (OTC) treatments like the TagBand that will help you get rid of your skin tags effectively in no time once you start using them.

You’ll also find various skin growth removal creams that work well on skin tags such as Haloderm, Pristine Advanced Mole Vanish, BuyNaturally, etc. There are also plenty of effective freezing kits, e.g., Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System available at drugstores for removing benign skin growths. The good thing is their cost is less expensive than a visit to the doctor.


Some treatments get the job done faster than others do. You’ll find some treatment options to be almost painless while some cause a little bit of pain. Deciding on which treatment to use should depend on you. What works for the guy living next door to you might not work for you. The only way to know what works best for is for you try them out

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