Wart Remover Review: Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away

Dr. Scholls is a product used to remove warts but can also be effective against skin tags.

Dr. Scholl’s is popularly associated with their foot care products. However, they also have effective plantar warts removers. Their wart remover product, Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away is advertised to effectively remove warts but it is also a skin tag removal option. 

One of the fastest methods of removing skin tags is to freeze them away. When it is done in the proper manner, the cells and tissues in it are killed. This prevents the conducive conditions it needs to persist. Later on, they will eventually die on their own. 

Cryotherapy is the name of this method which is commonly done by a dermatologist. However, it can be costly, especially when the number of skin tags you have is plenty. 

Dr. Scholl is one of the best over-the-counter remedies for skin tags that has the same benefit as cryotherapy. Using creams can be messy especially when you have several skin tags which is why freezing them away is the most convenient option you can do at home. 

Wart Remover Review: Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away 

Skin tags and warts have glaring differences between them but they are both benign growths that can be treated with the same products and procedures. One of the same ways to deal with them is by freezing them away. 

Blood flow is what keeps skin tags alive. This is why when you use freezing products on them, the blood supply to them gets cut off which results in them dying away.

This article will discuss Dr. Scholl’s product and what should be your expectation with it. We will explain to you what freezing product is appropriate for your need now that you are aware of its concept. Safety is the most important component of this product. 

So, it poses the question of does the freeze away method not cause adverse side effects and can it be trusted to effectively remove skin tags? 

What are the Components of the Product?

Dermatologist uses liquid nitrogen when you opt to have them removed in their office. This procedure requires extreme caution. Doing it at home involves a lot of risks to just remove simple skin tags.  

Propane or dimethyl ether is what is used by Dr. Scholl’s which has a similar effect. These gasses are not visible to human eyes and they result in freezing when exposed to the outside atmosphere. The ingredients react to skin moisture and freeze when in contact with the skin. 

Compared to liquid nitrogen, these components have lesser risks that are why you can use them safely at home without a medical physician’s supervision. Although the risks are lesser with this method, it is important that users properly administer the product. 

The Proper Usage of Freeze Away

It is important to remember that ingredients of a freeze aways are combustible and flammable. If not properly used, they can cause injuries against your skin. Step-by-step instructions should be strictly followed. To do this, you need to keep the unaffected areas of your skin protected and target only the skin tags.

  1. Fasten the applicator point into the canister. 
  2. To make sure the canister is working properly, press the blue indicator. 
  3. Put the applicator point in direct contact with the skin tag. Be cautious not to include unaffected areas. 
  4. Put it directly on top of the skin tag to achieve the freezing effect. 

The product is said to be most effective on skin tags that are around 5mm. If it is bigger than that, the manufacturer suggests utilizing two products. Or, you could also opt to do another session. 

The most essential thing is that the skin tag is targeted. A stinging sensation is common when applying the product. Once the skin is temperature returns to its original state, the freezing sensation will be gone. 

How Much TIme is Need to See the Results?

Using ointments and creams to remove skin tags will require a long period of time before results are visible. Meanwhile, when you use the freezing method, the results are automatic as the cells are killed off because the blood supply is taken away. 

A single session of Dr. Scholl’s for tiny skin tags is usually suggested. Once the product is used and the applicator point has covered the whole skin tag, it is best to let it be. Lifting the skin tag by using tweezers is suggested by several reviews when applying the point on top of it. 

The root of the skin tags is the connection to the blood supply of the body. Doing this can reap quicker results but it can have a higher risk especially when your hands are shaky. 

Whether you target the entire skin tag or the root alone, you can see the result in just a few weeks. Flaking can be noticed after 10 days. Larger growth would take a longer time to see results. During the recovery period, it is essential not to disturb the skin tags. Avoid picking or pulling them away even if it seems like it is about to die away. 

Doing Cryotherapy in Homes: What Are the Risks?  

The usage instructions of Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away is straightforward. You just need to follow them specifically. But, there are still safety measures that have to be observed when using this kind of product because improper usage can result in injuries in the other areas of your skin. 

Remember to follow these safety measures to get optimal results: 

  • Take preventive measures against extreme heat and sun exposure when the product is not in use. An explosion can happen when it is directly exposed to heat which can result in injuries. 
  • Make sure that when you use the product, you are in an are where there sufficient ventilation. The product is in a highly pressurized canister that has gasses. Lack of ventilation can be harmful. 
  • Do not use this treatment for other skin conditions aside from skin tags and warts without consulting a doctor. It can cause skin scaring when incorrectly used. 

Skin tags can commonly be found around areas that experience rubbing and chafing. They can appear in the groin and the eyelid areas. There are several ways to safely remove them away from these parts of the body but freezing them away is not the best solution. Freezing liquids should never be used around the eye area as it can result in blindness.  

If your skin tags are located in a sensitive region, organic treatments are your best option for treating them. Tea tree oil as a skin tag remover is known to be effective for this. But, if the growth of your skin tags is just around common parts of the body like the neck and arms, the freeze away method is the most efficient way of removing them. 

The Pros and Cons of the Freeze Away Method

Although the freeze away method is widely known to be fast and safe, many still ask if the best brand is Dr. Scholl’s freeze away. 

Let us take a closer look at the side by side comparison of its advantages and disadvantages to assist you in making the right choice. 


  • Straightforward instructions
  • Requires a single treatment session for small skin tags.
  • The name brand is known to be reliable. 


  • It can result in skin injuries when improperly used.
  • Larger growth requires more time for the result to be seen. 

There are always risks in using these types of products at home. These risks can be marks, scars or even injuries. This is why it is important to ensure that you do not irritate your skin tags after doing the procedure and keep the skin well moisturized during the healing period. The greatest risk to this is improper usage. Fortunately, the instructions are easy to follow and there are only several steps. 

The Compound W Freeze Off is also a great alternative to Dr. Scholl’s. 

What Freeze Away Brand Name for Skin Tags is the Best? 

Spending an insane amount of money or going to the doctor’s clinic is not need to achieve the same results as cryotherapy. The removal of skin tags by using wart removers is a great option. However, there is not a fast method if you have a lot of skin tags as they would require a longer time to be removed. 

We wish that this review article was able to give you educated information on what is the best skin tag removal option for you. It is important that you take into consideration the location of its growth prior to deciding on doing the freeze away method. 

If they are growing in areas such as the neck, arms or armpit then the using Dr. Scholls properly can safely remove them without any problems.