How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally in 10 Easy Ways

Although skin tags are technically just little extra pieces of skin, if they are visible, then you will likely seek ways to get rid of them fast. Some are lucky to have just one or two. However, in some cases, they are scattered all over the body. And although everyone who has them wanted to get rid of them fast, as much as possible they wanted to do it the natural way and not to resort to chemicals that may trigger allergic reactions. 

In this article, we will discuss the many products known to remove skin tags. And among the most popular products known to work well is Australian tea tree oil. This is one of the most effective skin tag removal treatments, so we recommend that you give it a try.  

Most of the products that are known to remove skin tags contain essential oils. These oils came from plants that are known to be effective in dealing with different skin ailments even way, way back before. One of these is the tea tree which is known to help remove skin tags without any harmful side effects. 

Here, we will discuss other ways to get naturally rid of skin tags. Listed below are the products that people have already tried along with their results. 

Lose Skin Tags the Fast and Natural Way

It is only understandable that people opt for the natural way of dealing with skin problems. Natural methods are safer. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any side effects, primarily if you use them on kids. Most of these products contain ingredients from plants that are known to be effective in dealing with skin problems. This made them a popular ingredient on the best over-the-counter skin tag removers available in the market today. 

These are known to help heal skin fast, too, so it won’t leave any scar on your skin once the skin tags are removed. 

Here we will discuss the options you have in removing skin tags. Some may work, but some may not be as effective as the others. Bear in mind, though, that we have different skin types so what works on others may not be as effective on you. 

Top 10 Products to Help Remove Skin Tags the Natural Way

1. Tea Tree Oil

As mentioned above, this essential oil is known to be very effective in removing skin tags. It is very safe to use, as well and is proven to prevent scars after the treatment. 

In looking for a tea tree oil product, just make sure to look for the 100% therapeutic tea tree oil type. One of the most popular brands of tea tree oil is Australian Tea Tree Oil. Click on that link to know more about this product. 

Tea tree oil contains natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic properties. So you don’t have to worry that it will leave scars on your skin after. 

It is possible that you feel a burning sensation on the skin, which is okay. It’s effortless to use, too. You just apply it on your skin tags three times a day using a cotton swab. If you want a faster result, you may also leave a cotton ball soaked in tea tree oil on top of your skin tag and hold it in place with a bandage. 

Since this is natural, you can’t expect it to work overnight. It may take a little while, but it’s going to be worth the wait. At first, you will notice your skin tags turning dark, and that’s natural. That only means there is no more supply of blood and oxygen in them. Right after that, you can expect the skin tags to fall off by itself. And the best thing is, it will leave no scar on your skin. 

2. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense oil for skin tags is also a popular option. You just need to look for the 100% therapeutic grade oil and not those that are used for aromatherapy. It’s recommended that you mix with it with other oil before applying it on your skin because it is strong. You may use it with castor oil that is also known to be good with skin problems. 

You may simply mix the two oils and, using a cotton swab, apply it on your skin tags two times a day. You may do it in the morning and before going to bed. You may also put a bandage over it as to keep the oil in place. This may take a while to work, though. It may take some two to three months to effectively remove your skin tags even with daily use. 

But since this oil is known for its ability to regenerate new skin, you don’t have to worry about getting scars. It will painlessly kill your skin tags while regenerating new skin. 

Frankincense oil is not recommended for children and pregnant women, though. This is not even safe to use on mothers who are nursing their babies. 

3. Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is also a good choice when it comes to removing skin tags as it is known to heal skin problems naturally. Although results may vary between people, oregano oil is said to effectively remove skin tags in as fast as one to two months. 

You do not apply it alone on your skin tags, though. You should mix it with coconut or jojoba oil first. This will make oregano oil even more useful. 

To make a mixture, add six drops of either coconut, olive or jojoba oil with three drops of oregano oil. Apply the mixture on your skin tags thrice a day. 

4. Bloodroot

Sanguinaria Canadensis, which came from the juice of bloodroot, is also very good with removing skin tags. This is said to be toxic, though, so you just need to be a little careful with it. It’s available in paste and powder form. 

Do not apply it directly to your skin tags. It is safe to put petroleum jelly first on the area surrounding your skin tags before you apply bloodroot on the skin tags itself. Use cotton swab in doing so and make sure to cover it with an adhesive bandage after.  

5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is said to contain natural acids which may help to remove skin tags. 

It is known to contain Alpha Hydroxy acid and acetic acid, making it a popular option in treating skin problems. These natural acids are not only proven to help get rid of skin tags fast. They also promote skin healing, so you don’t get a scar after you get rid of your skin tags. 

It’s pretty easy to use. Damp a cotton swab with apple cider vinegar and place it directly on your skin tags. Leave it there for a few minutes. For effectiveness, do this thrice a day. It may sting or feel a little itchy, but that is okay. This is because of the natural acids. You may also dilute it with water if you have naturally sensitive skin. 

It’s not proven to work, though, but a lot of people are doing it, so it probably does. 

An apple and a bottle of vinegar hanging by some threads.

6. Vitamin E Capsules

We all know that vitamin E plays an essential role in the skin’s health. To treat your skin tags, you may purchase any high-quality vitamin E capsules. You may use it by breaking one capsule open and applying the liquid directly to your skin tags. This is very safe, too, so you don’t have to worry about getting it on the surrounding skin. And again, cover it with an adhesive bandage after to keep it in place. 

This is known to cut off blood supply on your skin tags while healing your skin. Do this every day. 

There is no proof of its effectiveness, though. But since this is a popular option and vitamin E is very good on the skin, this is worth a try. 

7. Castor Oil and Baking Soda

A combination of castor oil and baking soda is also a popular option when it comes to natural skin tags removal. You can do this by making a paste out of the two and applying it directly on your skin tags. Castor oil is known for its essential oil and its natural ability to heal the skin. Baking soda, on the other hand, is known to dry and eventually remove skin tags. 

Apply the mixture paste directly on your skin tags and cover it with a bandage. This may take a very long time to work, though, even if you do it every day, so you just need to be a little patient. 

8. Lemon Juice

Lemon is known for its high level of acidity, which makes it another option for skin tags removal. They said it takes a long time to work as the acid will gradually eat away the skin tags. But since it is safe, you may do it multiple times a day. The acid will prevent the blood supply from going into your skin tags and eventually killing it in the process. 

But compared to the other options, lemon takes longer to effect. 

Two slices of lemon alongside a whole lemon.

9. Dandelion Stem Juice

Dandelions produce juice is known to be very good at treating a lot of skin problems. For skin tags removal, you may squeeze the liquid from its stem and apply it to your skin tags. 

This is safe, so doing this like 4 to 5 times a day is okay. Clean the surrounding skin after the application and cover it with a bandage after. 

Dandelions juice is supposed to make your skin tags dry and to fall off eventually. However, it may take a long while to take effect. 

Do not use dandelions juice if you have a history of flowers or weeds allergy, by the way. 

10. Ginger

They said you could also use raw ginger in removing skin tags. Aside from being effective in removing skin tags, ginger is also known to have healing properties. 

It’s straightforward. You just need to rub raw and peeled ginger on your skin tags. You can do this multiple times a day for it to work. 

Among the many options mentioned above, tea tree oil is known to be the most effective. But bear in mind that results may vary from person to person, so you just need to do a little research before trying any of these.