Skin Tags: All You Need to Know for Its Safe and Effective Removal

Skin Tags: All You Need to Know for Its Safe and Effective Removal
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Skin tags are growth in the skin that have nerve cells, also called neurons, but not roots. They may cause worry to a person, but they are actually usually harmless. They, however, can cause a bit of irritation, depending on where they are placed on the body.

It’s quite easy to recognize a skin tag. They have a certain look and feel, both of which can be the determiners of it. They can also be easily moved and are the color of flesh.

After determining that the growth on the skin is, in fact, a skin tag, you may now make a decision on whether to have it removed or not. You may also choose to let it be, but the chances of it going away on its own may be slim as that rarely happens. If you’re already decided on removing it, it’s good to know that there are a number of methods to do so. 

If you’re wondering how it feels to have a skin tag removed, the answer is it can be quite uncomfortable, but not very painful – that is if you follow the right procedure in removing it. Should you decide to take it out on your own and without preparation, be ready for some pain. Moreover, cutting off a skin tag is not advisable. 

The very act may lead to more damage such as infection. You may argue that they do not have roots, but do remember that they do have nerve endings that connect them to your body, which means that removing them carelessly and without proper procedure or anesthetic would most likely cause more problems, not to mention pain.

How Are Skin Tags on the Body?

Before you try to remove it, it’s better to educate yourself on how it’s on the body. These skin tags are attached by a stalk to the human skin. Looking closely, you will see that these hang on the surface of the skin. 

The stalks that attach these skin tags to the body do not have roots, but again, they have nerve endings. This is why even if you cut off the skin tag at the base of the stalk, which is how you should do it, you will still feel a bit of pain without anesthetic. Just imagine cutting off the skin on your arm.

Can Skin Tags be Dangerous Depending on Their Location?

The cause of skin tags is still unidentified, but according to researches, they may be the result of friction, which is why eyelids, necks, underarms, and other parts of the body where skin rubs against each other may be more susceptible to it. 

Having said that, skin tags may still appear anywhere. The good news is that it is not dangerous in itself regardless of its location. It isn’t supposed to cause any harm unless it grows in areas where it will be hard to remove without causing irritation to that certain body part. In this case, despite not being harmful, you are still advised to take precautions.

Things to Consider Before Removing Skin Tags

Skin tags are not dangerous, which is why most people who have it do not bother to have it removed. However, despite it being harmless, some people still feel uncomfortable about having them. If you don’t know whether or not to remove yours, here are some factors you may consider to help you decide:

  1. Does skin tag you have bring irritation?

Unfortunately, skin tags may grow on areas where they can be dragged by the things one wears such as necklaces, bracelets, collars, and even earrings. If you do have skin tags on body parts where these items go, you might want to consider having the skin tag removed as these accessories might snag it, and that would definitely hurt.

  1. Does the skin tag have a different color than your skin?

Skin tags are not supposed to have a different shade of skin color than the one you have. They may be slightly darker, but they are usually the color of the flesh. If and when such skin tag radically changes in shape, size, and color, seeking professional help is advised.

  1. Does removing skin tags result in nerve pain?

Like mentioned, skin tags are generally harmless. However, if they grew on sensitive body parts such as eyelids and genitals, having them removed may prove to be quite painful.

Best Ways to Remove Skin Tags

Now, if you have already decided to go through removing your skin tags, here are some of the best and safest methods to do so.

  • TagBand Removal Kit

TagBand Removal Kit is one of the best ways to remove a skin tag or any skin growth for that matter. The kit is specifically made to get rid of these skin excesses safely and quickly. 

In the kit, you will find a tool designed to be used to tie off the skin tag. After securing the tie around it, you are supposed to leave it be. The tie around it cuts off the blood circulation coming from the stalk. After around one week, the skin tag would “die” and eventually fall by itself.

  • Dental Floss

Dental floss basically works the same way TagBand does. The floss is to be tied around the skin tag, cutting off its blood circulation. When the tag dies, the skin tag is expected to just drop on its own.

  • Tea Tree Oil

If you are more into home remedies, you may choose from the numerous home remedies available to get rid of skin tags. One of the most known and common home remedies for it is using tea tree oil. 

With it, the skin tag may be removed naturally in just a few weeks. Tea tree oil is both anti-microbial and antiseptic so it’s used to treat a number of different skin conditions and help heal the skin and put it into its natural glowing state. 

After applying tea tree oil, the skin tag is expected to turn darker. If it does, it means that the home remedy is working and that soon enough, the skin tag would just fall off on its own.  

No matter which method you choose to remove the skin tag on your body, do remember that you will have to wait for the method you chose to effectively kill the skin tag, which also means completely killing the nerve endings. Do not force its removal by plucking it out; just wait for it to fall off on its own to avoid pain and possible infection.