Tell-Tale Review on BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit

You don’t have to undergo the agonizing procedure or squander your riches away to have those dangly and annoying skin tags removed. BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit will help you eliminate those unwanted tags at the comfort of your home and at a comparatively inexpensive price. 

Skin tags are a benign outgrowth of the skin and are not dangerous; however, you shouldn’t have to live with them just because they are benign. Especially if the appearance of the skin tags gets the best out of you, you can have them surgically removed through a doctor. But, do take note that you will have to spend a fortune because it’s not covered by medical insurance, the fact that the procedure is aimed for cosmetic purposes. 

This Skin Tag and Wart Remover Kit is made from natural and homeopathic ingredients. Natural products can take time to work. That is why these products can mix-up reviews. However, it is good to note that the Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit is a cauterization cream for skin tags that are guaranteed to work perfectly. 

Review on BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit

This review will tackle all there is to know about this kit. We will thoroughly examine and scrutinize the ingredients that make this kit work and the right way to use it. Also, we will share with you any safety issues, risks, and the effects that you can expect after using the product. 

Several people can attest to the efficacy of the product while others have expressed that the kit failed to work like the Pristine Wart Mole Vanish. It is important to know which products out of the hundreds in the market will effectively remove skin tags and which ones don’t. 

How BuyNaturally Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit Works

The kit comes with quite a few tools to help get rid of skin tags. This includes:

  • Removing cream made from natural homeopathic ingredients
  • Roughing needle
  • Applicator spatula
  • Alcohol swabs
  • Sterile cotton swabs
  • Emery board
  • Healing cream made from natural homeopathic ingredients. 
  • Adhesive skin bandages

The kit offers you everything you’ll ever need, thus you don’t have to buy healing products and other extra tools. The skin tag remover and the healing cream are the two most important components that shouldn’t be missing. 

Thuja Occidentalis, or referred to as the Eastern arborvitae, is a key ingredient that has been around for many years used as a homeopathic cure. This is an extract that gives guaranteed positive results. 

The oils extracted from the Eastern arborvitae has been utilized to treat any skin condition. This homeopathic cure is grounded on the belief that “like cures like”. Nonetheless, this method doesn’t fascinate everybody because the cause for skin tags is still unknown. 

Other ingredients found in the kit will prep the surrounding area and the skin tag you wished to remove. To minimize leaving a piece of evidence behind, the healing cream should be applied once a scab is formed. 

The Procedure

The kit involves a step-by-step process that will give you the best shot on removing those excess, dangly skin. However, it is important to note that the procedure may take time and be more difficult as compared to other treatment options such as the TagBand Removal Kit. 

This is how the step-by-step procedure is done:

  1. First, you have to clean the skin tag using the alcohol swab in the kit. Do not wipe it dry, and allow it to dry on its own. 
  2. Then, with the emery board, slightly roughen the skin tag you wished to remove. Roughening the skin tag forcefully may cause it to bleed or irritate. Take note that the roughing needle is to be used for warts. 
  3. With the use of the applicator spatula, take out a dab amount of remover cream, and apply it right straight to the skin tag. As much as possible, try to avoid misplacing the cream on the surrounding area. 
  4. Again, allow it to air dry completely. This will roughly take about half an hour to an hour. 
  5. Once the formula has dried up, wash it away. 
  6. Then, plaster the skin tag with a bandage that comes with the kit. 
  7. Once you notice a scab on top of the skin tag, put on some healing cream to hasten up the recovery. 

Even after the skin tag has been removed, you still have to use the healing cream to minimize the chances of leaving a scar behind. Because the kit comes with a cauterizing cream, the inappropriate application may cause burning or stinging sensations that may, later on, leave unwanted marks behind. 

Also, take note that with constant use, the remover cream can dry out every so often; this is usually the case. However, you don’t have to worry as you can simply add a few drops of water to rehydrate it back to its usual consistency. 

What are the expected results?

By simply following the steps diligently, the scab will eventually fall off in just 24 hours, as the kit suggests. Once you notice a scab on top of the skin tag, you just have to eventually wait for it to fall on its own. The manufacturer of the kit claims that with just one or two applications of the removing cream you will ultimately remove those skin tags. 

However, it’s also recommended to keep using the kit up until you see positive results. Some reviews have claimed that even after two applications, their skin tags are still intact. If so, then you can use the kit several times until you visually see the results. No need to worry because the formula used in making the kit contains natural ingredients, making it safe to use again and again. 

Reminder: Remember that the skin will have to undergo recovery even after the skin tag is gone. It can take about two to three weeks for skin tags to fall off and the skin to completely recover. 

What are the possible side effects?

One of the main concerns of people using over the counter skin tag product is the possible side effects that come with the procedure. As aforementioned, the product is made out of natural ingredients, thus you can only expect infrequent side effects. Most, if not all people, will not experience harmful reactions unless they have a sensitivity to one of the ingredients in the formula. 

Some of the risks include:

  • Homeopathic elements such as Thuja Occidentalis are genuinely safe to use. Actually, when the extract from the Arborvitae is used on its own, it can be wearisome as there is a tendency of overusing it that may cause unwanted side effects. Whereas mixing it with other ingredients is safer because you can’t use it excessively. 
  • It is completely normal to feel a slight stinging sensation as the cream is intended to penetrate and cauterize the skin tag. The burning sensation will eventually fade away during the process and should stop once you wash the cream off with water. 
  • The emery board used to rough the skin tag slightly to enhance the ability for the formula to penetrate, is the only risk factor that comes with the kit. If used aggressively, it may cause the skin tag to bleed. Take note that the needle is only intended for the treatment of warts. 
  • You are prone to infection once the skin tag is open or bleeds because bacteria, dirt, and debris can get inside the open wound. Once your skin tag bleeds, you have to wait for it to completely heal before starting the treatment process again. 
  • You are not to use this product near highly sensitive areas like your eyes, genitals, etc., for it may intensify the burning sensation you feel.

Is there a Money-back Guarantee?

At times, it can be hard to trust over the counter products that receives mixed reviews as what may work for some may not work for you and vice versa. However, if you are inclined to try the natural way of treatment, then the Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit is the one for you. The manufacturer guarantees a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with how the product works. 

With so many skin tag removal products out in the market, trying out with little to no risk will help you in making your decision. You don’t have to worry more when you purchase this particular product. 

What are the Benefits and Disadvantages of the product?

As with all the rest of the products, the Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit has its fair share of benefits and drawbacks that you have to carefully consider before buying the product. Because of the mixed reviews of this product, it is best to weigh out all the pros and cons that come with it. 


  • Homeopathic
  • Uses natural ingredients
  • Comes with all the necessary tools for application and healing
  • Safe to use
  • Convenient kit
  • Money-back guarantee


  • Roughing needle may bleed out the skin
  • Causes slight stinging sensation
  • doesn’t always perform as advertised

Should Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit be considered the Best Cream for Skin Tags

Most people are considering the non-invasive approach such as natural creams to get rid of unwanted skin tags. They don’t want to go the extra mile of applying chemicals to their bodies just to remove a benign outgrowth. The Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit is a safe formula because it is mainly used for natural ingredients that will not cause any unwarranted side effects other than the normal minor burning sensation. 

The kit has gotten mixed reviews as of now. This is probably why others choose Haloderm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover. The product suggests that the formation of a scab, on top of a skin tag, can roughly happen in just 24 hours. This may happen to some, while it may not do so with the others. However, it doesn’t mean that if it failed to work within the day it will not eventually work at all. 

The good thing about this product is that you can have your money back should you feel unsatisfied with how it works. 

We hope that the review has helped you gained some confidence in trying out the Skin Tag & Wart Remover Kit. It is important not only to remove those nasty-looking skin tags but also to remove it in the safest possible way by using an over-the-counter option. Because of the natural ingredients used in the product plus the convenience the whole kit offers, this is probably one of the best creams in the market for removing skin tags. 

Our Verdict

Painless: 3 out of 5 stars 

Convenience: 3 out of 5 stars 

Speed: 4 out of 5 stars 

Price: 3 out of 5 stars 

Results: 3.5 out of 5 stars 

Average: 3.3 out of 5 stars