The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products

Have you noticed a certain growth on the surface of your skin? Does it not look similar to a mole, zit, or even a boil? Does it look and feel ”fatty” in a way? That growth is what we call a skin tag. It can appear on any part of our skin and is often undetected.

Skin tags are generally harmless, excess skin growth that can be so unsightly. Their appearances on certain parts of the body that are noticeable like the face, neck, and armpits can really affect your physical image. Moreover, it can be so bothersome that you might be tempted to prick them.

However, doing so can be a bad idea as it can cause unnecessary bleeding. Fortunately, in order to eliminate a certain skin tag, you don’t really have to seek help from a doctor or a specialist. There are over-the-counter products you can apply to your skin tags to get rid of them at the comfort of your house.

Why Skin Tags Appear

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(Skin tags appearing on the neck)

As of now, scientists are still not able to pinpoint the reason for a skin tag’s appearance. The most common explanation is that when surfaces of the skin come in contact and under the influence of friction, skin tags will gradually grow. However, other factors like hormonal imbalance, obesity, pregnancy, and genetics might play a part as well.

Even if nobody can point out the exact cause, it is good to know that skin tags can be removed without any risks, only if done correctly. Whether you use the classic drying out method or apply healing liquids for the same purpose, you will be the one to decide which method is more effective.

Home Removal of Skin Tags

The aim is to remove the skin tags in a safe way without seeking any professional help. It will be wise to first assess the location of the skin tags. If these growths appear on the sensitive areas of the body like the mole or eyelids, you will have to seek help from medical specialists. Otherwise, you can just use a few home remedies. 

Qualities of a Good Skin Tag Remover

There can be many ways to remove skin tags. They might be plenty in the market, but only a few of them are certified and effective. 

In order to find the right product for skin tag removal at home, you want to consider these factors:

1. Fast Results

The treatment of skin tags can last for weeks and even months. Some even demand constant application daily. What you want to do is to choose the treatment accordingly. If you are busy and on-the-go, select a treatment that can get the results as instantly as possible. This single-application type may cost more than a typical treatment. However, if you are on a tight budget and have enough time to spare, you can opt for treatments that take longer periods to show results instead.

2. Convenience

The most effective home remedies are the ones that are simple to use. There must be directions or some form of a manual that even a person with no medical background can understand. However, caution must still be exercised, especially when applying near the sensitive areas, so common sense must be applied. 

Don’t use treatments that can cause the liquid mixture to flow towards the sensitive areas when you sweat profusely.

3. Natural Ingredients

It’s ideal to opt for products that are made of naturally processed ingredients like the ones derived from plant extracts. Their application time might take a while to show results but often come as less expensive. If you prefer instant results, you want to choose products that are designed with the application of modern technology. 

4. Painless

Home remedies are preferred by several people since they can be done conveniently. If a product causes pain during treatment, it does not always mean it’s effective. Some products might trigger allergies if not done correctly, or worse, irritations. Remember that skin tags are believed to be formed from personal skin-to-skin contact with friction. Therefore, a pain-inducing treatment can only aggravate the situation. 

5. Affordability

You have to choose the home treatments you can afford. The process of removal of skin tags can require a meticulous application, and most products need constant use for weeks in order to be effective. Not only your time devoted to the treatment must be considered, but you should also think of the amount you can afford to buy.

6. Scarring Issues

Some products might cause scarring after the skin tag is removed. This can be a small deal, but for those who are too conscious of their appearance, this can be bothersome. There are effective products that leave almost no scars as possible if correctly applied. If you happen to be using a home remedy that scars the skin tissue, you can also find creams in the market that you can apply to the scar afterward. 

Are Wart Removers Effective for Skin Tag Removal?

Both warts and skin tags are unwanted benign skin growths. They can grow everywhere, without warning or notice, and can be displeasing to the eyes. The difference is that warts are much more active since they are viral. It means that if warts are not treated correctly and when unnecessary bleeding occurred, they may grow in numbers.

Warts remover, in theory, can also remove skin tags. Since skin tags are just slabs of fatty skin, they can be removed with the help of a wart remover. However, it may cause further consequences considering that the removers can be strongly acidic.

In theory, since skin tags are lesser threats compared to warts, skin tag removers might not be effective as a wart remover. It is still advisable to consider the usual and suggested removal methods designed for the specific unwanted skin growth only. 

Skin Tag Removal Methods

There are two overall effective home methods for the removal of skin tags, one of which is drying them out. The conventional way of drying out a skin tag is to cut off the blood supply from the stalk by attaching a string knot and tightening it up until there’s noticeable discoloration. This is usually done with a strand of hair. While this can be very effective, it takes another person to do the job correctly. 

The other method is through the application of essential oils. One of the most popular essential oils used for dealing with skin tags is tea tree oil. This essential oil contains antifungal and antiviral properties that make it an effective skin tag remover.

Reasons for Skin Tag Removal

There are reasons for such removal. The obvious one is because skin tags are embarrassing. They are displeasing to the eyes and can be easily mistaken as warts. They also alter your natural beauty, especially if the growth appeared on the face. 

Another reason is that it can cause irritation. Skin tags located near sensitive areas and areas frequently exposed to any form of contact can be influenced by friction furthermore. The skin tags might bleed out and cause unwanted infection. So, it is better to remove them in order to eliminate that bothering feeling during motion. 

Best Over-the-Counter Products

1. TagBand Device

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(TagBand Device as a kit including the rest of the tools)

The TagBand Device is definitely one of the best options for skin tag removal. The idea of this device is base on the conventional method of a removing device that aims to dry off your tags. The disadvantage of the conventional method is that you have to leave the tightened knot, using a thread or a strand of hair, for a couple of hours or days until the blood flow is totally cut off. It has to, as much as possible, remained undisturbed.

With the TagBand Device, things can get easier now. It is a complete removal kit consisting of a unique applicator and plenty of durable elasticized bands. 

How to Use:

  • To use the applicator, you have to stretch the band in order to place around the targeted skin tag. The applicator enables the whole removal process simple and straightforward.
  • If the band is securely in place, you can leave it right there for about 7 to 10 days in order to peel off the skin tag. The skin tag’s tissue will appear dark in color due to the blood flow cut-off. 


  • The whole process is a single application. It is ideal for those who are busy and on-the-go.
  • As stated, you can see the results within 7 to 10 days. Compared to the other methods that will be discussed later, it is relatively fast and the results can be permanent.
  • The TagBand is easy to use compared to tying a knot. You can even do it on your own properly.
  • It is safer and more hygienic to use. There is a guarantee you won’t experience irritation or infection during the process.
  • The whole process is painless. Although there might be a slight discomfort due to the tingling sensation, it is just an effect of the procedure. Like said, it won’t cause any irritation.
  • Buying one kit can help you remove up to ten skin tags max. 


  • The TagBand Device is only available in two sizes: medium and large. For smaller sized skin tags, the Micro TagBand is suitable. It is important to select the appropriate size of the band so that it can be tightly secured when applied. For really tiny skin tags, the device might not be applicable.
  • For parts of the body where there is difficulty in griping reach like at the back, you are definitely going to need help is using the applicator. 

2. Apothecary Tea Tree Oil

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(Apothecary tea tree oil extract in the bottle with its packaging)

One of the effective home remedies being discussed earlier is the tea tree oil. It is extracted from leaves of a certain plant named Mealeuca Alternifolia. The clear liquid with a really strong smell can be toxic if consumed. However, if properly applied to the outer layers of the body, it can more beneficial. 

The Apothecary tea tree oil dries off the skin tag by being constantly applied for weeks. It is been deemed as the safest of the all-natural remedies out there. 

How to Use:

  • Like any other ointment, the tea tree oil must be applied directly to the affected area. The liquid might be strong and can trigger irritations during the treatment process. Therefore, it is recommended to use it with the combination of other oils as a carrier for safe dilution. One of the examples is grapeseed oil.


  • With many cosmetic products utilizing the tea tree oil, its benefits to the skin are validated.
  • It came from natural processes, therefore there is no need to worry about any unwanted chemical reaction that can cause damage like scarring.
  • With the product so affordable, you can use it to apply on numerous skin tags at once.


  • Due to the strong and toxic nature of the tea tree oil, it might cause irritations if not applied properly.
  • As stated, it can be toxic if consumed. So, safekeeping must be exercised at all times.
  • The removal process can take several weeks to see results and requires consistent applications of 3 times daily. 

3. Pristine Wart and Mole Vanish

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(Pristine Wart and Mole Vanish kit in a package)

The Pristine Wart and Mole Vanish is a remover cream ideally designed for all kinds of benign skin growths like warts and moles. During the previous discussion, a wart remover can also be used as a skin tag remover. So in the sense, the product is already considered as a skin tag remover.

The product does the removal through the natural cauterization of the skin cells. Each application has a duration depending on the size of the skin growth. It is a herbal cream made from all-natural ingredients like lemon, cashew plant, and fig plant.

Each bottle can help you remove around 2 to 5 large skin tags or 5 to 25 medium to smaller sized skin tags. With the amount usable compared to the price, it is definitely affordable.

How to Use:

  • Just like a regular cream, you can scoop a certain amount and apply it to the targeted skin tag.
  • The whole product is a kit that also includes the right tools in order to apply the cream on certain body parts. To target various sizes of skin tags, there are also various tools applicable.


  • The cream is derived from various plants so it is obviously all-natural.
  • The whole treatment can be done in single-application, depending on the skin tag’s size. 
  • Compared to a dermatologist’s treatment, it is relatively inexpensive. 


  • Due to the process of cauterization, there is a chance that it might leave a scar if you hastily pick the scab off. To prevent unplanned or careless removal of the scab, you can cover it up with a band-aid. The scab might take more days to fall off even though the skin tag is removed in 20 minutes.
  • Compared to other over-the-counter products, this product is relatively costly.

4. HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(HaloDerm Advanced Mole and Skin Tag Remover available as cream only)

This product is a cream similar to the Pristine Wart and Mole Remover. Unlike the other one, the HaloDerm cream specifies that it is used for skin tag removal. It is packed in a small tube that can remove successfully up to 5 skin tags max.

The two active ingredients are derived from natural sources. These are zinc chloride and the extract of Sanguinaria Canadensis, also known as bloodroot. There are also added inactive ingredients such as a preservative. 

It is also a single-application treatment that can remove the skin tags at least the next 8 hours. It will also depend on the size of the applied area. 


  • Like any other cream, it is fairly easy to use and can be applied just once. 
  • It has a relatively fast treatment period compared to essential oils.
  • The tube has a long shelf life and can be brought anywhere you go with a guaranteed of 5 applications.


  • During the application, the cream might cause a slight burning sensation. Caution must be exercised in order to prevent from falling to the sensitive areas of the body.
  • The product is not a kit, hence it lacks an antibacterial solution for the prevention of any infection.
  • It undergoes the same process of removal with the other cream, meaning it can cause scarring if the treated area is hastily peeled off. 

5. BuyNaturally Skin Tag and Wart Remover

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(BuyNaturally Skin Tag and Wart Remover with all its assortments shown)

This product has ingredients similar to the HaloDerm cream, like zinc oxide and bloodroot along with other all-natural ingredients. It comes in the form of a paste.

Another product of the same manufacturer comes mainly from a different main ingredient. That product is made of Thuja Occidentalis which is an extract of an evergreen tree. The said ingredient is also used on other over-the-counter skin tag removers.

BuyNaturally comes as a kit that includes adhesive bandages, cotton swabs, and after-healing cream. It also has an applicator spatula, emery boards exclusively for wart removal, and a roughing needle. The cream requires only a single application and can deliver results within 2 days.


  • The cream is made of all-natural ingredients.
  • Skin tags are removed fast with only a single application.
  • The whole product is a kit in which you are equipped with the right tools to ensure proper application.


  • Like any cream that has a cauterizing process, it can cause a burning sensation. Application on skin growths at sensitive areas is obviously off-limits. 
  • The removal might be fast, but skin healing can take several days. The scab must not be forcefully disturbed in order to prevent scarring. 

6. Kungber Mole Removal Pen

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(The parts of Kungber Mole Removal Pen identified)

It may be advertised as a mole remover, but it can work well on removing warts and skin tags. It is a new product that uses the process of cauterization in order to remove skin tags.

The pen which is powered electrically is used as the heating element. It has 6 different levels of strength and has 2 needles that are interchangeable. The smaller needles are used for smaller freckles while the larger needle is used for warts, moles, and skin tags. 

How to Use:

  • Switch on the pen device and wait for the heat to build up.
  • Gently sweep the device over the affected area until a stinging sensation is felt. The “burning” process should not last long.
  • The skin tag will be drying out and fall off days after. For larger skin tags, a repetition of the process might be necessary. 


  • The electronic device is rechargeable via a USB connection.
  • Skin tags are guaranteed removed after the process.
  • Ointments and creams are not needed so there is no risk of irritation nor infection. 


  • Compared to other over-the-counter methods, this process can cause slight pain. A numbing cream is suggested to be used.
  • Out of all methods using cauterization, this process has the highest risk of scarring. It may not be appropriate for an extremely large skin tag.

7. Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System

The Best Over-The-Counter Skin Tag Removal Products
(Compound W Freeze Off Wart Removal System in its packaging)

This product is different from all the other methods mentioned. Its system, including the cold liquid nitrogen, freezes the skin tags off using cryotherapy. At extreme coldness, any cell will cease its movement and eventually die. Skin tags are no exemption.

The focused area of application is frozen up and left to be devoid of any movement from the blood. It will have the same effect as the drying out method, causing the frozen skin tag to just fall off days after. 


  • The method might appear like a lab experiment, but its effectiveness is guaranteed and the cost is cheaper compared to visiting a doctor.
  • It can be applied once depending on the size of the skin tag.
  • Since it does not burn the skin, scarring might not occur.


  • The stinging sensation is the same as the process of cauterization but the methods are different. It may cause discomfort, and the treated area can be more sensitive than usual.
  • Even though it is easy to use along with the precision tip, there might be instances where it can cause a bit of damage to your skin.

Insurance Coverage on Skin Tag Removals

The reason why a skin tag is removed is the reason why it can’t be covered by insurance. The process, whether done using home remedies or consulted by medical professionals, is done for the sake of reviving your natural beauty. Skin tags are often mistaken as warts, and that’s why people are encouraged to treat them as unsightly and worthy to be removed.

However, in extreme cases where skin tags affect the quality of life of a person, then insurance money can cover the expenses. Skin tags that grow on a mole and on sensitive areas. Sometimes, they can grow to be larger than the usual size, causing them to be considered a medical concern. If that’s the case, any procedure performed to treat it can be covered by your insurance.


In order to successfully remove your skin tags, you also have to assess it properly. The methods discussed here only apply to those that are growing on body parts that are not sensitive. Skin tags that seem unusual, like the ones growing on moles or those that have sizes larger than the usual grape, can be considered as medical concerns.

You may hear the over-the-counter methods and products from someone, but it’s still not guaranteed if they’ll work the same for you. 

Out of the 7 methods and products, the TagBand Device might be the most recommended option due to having almost all the qualities of a good skin tag remover. Keep in mind that the discussed methods are only successful if you are committed to doing so properly. If all else fails, you can always seek medical help from your doctor.