The Best Skin Tag Freezing Kit

One of the effective removal methods for skin tags is freezing. Skin tags, or medically termed ‘acrochordons’, are small skin growths that are benign and harmless. They usually appear on areas of the skin where there is constant rubbing like the armpits, groin, eyelids, face, neck, and even the back.

This skin growth is very common and by no means an indication of some internal body complication. They are harmless and cannot cause further complications if allowed to exist. However, skin tags can look so unpleasant that they can even ruin your aesthetic features. They can even be confused as warts, and therefore might be feared by other people of catching a virus.

According to experts, it is believed that skin tags are caused by two situations: hormonal imbalance, in which pregnant women are prone to experience that situation, and friction, in which the surface of your skin is being rubbed by another surface of the skin or an externally worn material. Overweight people and the elderly are prone to having skin tags via friction because of the excess skin tissue they have.

To deal with this problem, there are methods that you can try. The freezing method is one of them, wherein you or with the doctor’s consultation can do the application. In this discussion, we will be focusing on the best freezing kits available.

Skin Tag Freezing Kit

Freezing can be done by using over-the-counter products. Two of the best kits available are ‘Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover’ and the ‘Compound W Freeze Off Wart Remover’.

  1. Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover

This kit is similar to the technique used in cryotherapy. The kit contains the following items:

  • One pressurized can
  • One reusable activator
  • Eight soft-tip disposable applicators
  • One information booklet

During the products application, the freezing agent acts to solidify the skin tag from its stalk. As it begins to be frozen, the color will change to white, prompting destruction to the tissues targeted. After some time, the treated skin tag will eventually detach.

The product is only required to be used if all of the following conditions are met:

  • The size of the skin tag must be 3 mm or lesser than that.
  • The color of the skin tag is similar to the surrounding skin
  • The location of the skin tag can be on the neck, around the armpit, or under the breast.
  • The skin tag must be soft and can somehow be moveable. 
The Best Skin Tag Freezing Kit
“Contents of the Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover kit”
  1. Compound W Freeze Off Wart Remover

This skin tag remover is available as an over-the-counter kit at an affordable price. The freezing method is similar to the process used by medical professionals on warts. It was not designed to be a skin tag remover, but it still works. 

Based on the reviews of the users, the product is found to remove skin tags at a faster rate. You won’t have to seek a doctor to apply a process where you can just avail easily over the counter.

  1. Other Skin Tag Removers

It is noteworthy that a skin tag is not that necessary to remove. If you wish to remove it for your comfort or relief, there are other options available aside from freezing:

  • Drying off a skin tag by tying it with a string, a strand of hair, or a dental floss
  • Applying essential tea tree oils on a skin tag constantly
  • Cutting the skin tag with scissors and other small cutting tools
  • Burning a skin tag using electric cautery or electro-desiccation

All the methods mentioned can be very effective. You can consult a dermatologist to resolve that problem, especially when the skin tags are plenty, you have no confidence in applying the said methods, and you have the money to spend. The over-the-counter products are great alternatives that accommodate your budget. Most of them are very easy to use and can even yield fast results.

When to Freeze Off a Skin Tag

Skin tag removers work best if the skin growths are located on skin areas that are not sensitive. Areas such as moles and areas closer to the eyes and genitals need medical assistance. Regardless of that, you can use the freezing method by utilizing over-the-counter products. 

The freezing of the tissues of the skin tag prevents blood cells to continue flowing. Due to the absence of blood, the skin tag will begin to change color, implying that solidification took place. After a few days, it will just detach on its own. If done correctly, the process is not risky and results will be seen quickly.