The Fast Effects of a Skin Tag Removal Tool

Out of the different methods of removing skin tags, the skin tag removal tool is the most effective home method out there. The removal tool that is about to be discussed here does not imply the usual cutting tools like scissors or clippers. It also doesn’t include the conventional method of using strings. Instead, it refers to a simple contraption that is capable of removing multiple skin tags in just one week. 

Skin tags are fairly common and harmless. They can grow at any parts of the body, usually on the skin surface that is in a lot of contact with friction with either another skin surface like the pits or groin, or with fabric like on the face, neck, or back. They can grow to be of any size too.

Skin tags can be so embarrassing to have since they have similar appearances to warts. When they land in sensitive areas, they can cause much discomfort. These can be some of the main reasons why the skin tag removal tool is needed. The most recommended of them all is the TagBand skin tag removal device. 

The Skin Tag Removal Tool

The TagBand works similar to that of a conventional skin tag removal of drying the skin growth off with the use of a string like a hair or dental floss. Once the blood flow is cut off, it will start to blacken and will eventually fall off after a few days. 

The main difference is that the usage of the TagBand doesn’t expose the treated skin tag. By covering with a small band, it prevents external forces from rubbing against the treated growth. 

The TagBand Skin Tag Remover is fairly easy to use. All you have to do is put the applicator on the targeted skin tag. The band will then cover the treated skin tag. It will take a few days to completely dry it off, but you won’t have to worry about feeling any discomfort at all. The instructions can easily be seen on the packaging itself.

The Fast Effects of a Skin Tag Removal Tool
(TagBand Device as a kit including the rest of the tools)

Safety on Removal of Skin Tags

The removal of skin tags is safe since the skin growth is harmless and benign in the first place. However, you must exercise caution if the skin tag is not located on a non-sensitive part of the body.

Skin tags growing on sensitive areas of the body are very hard to deal with like on the eyelids or moles. It is highly recommended to see a medical professional like a dermatologist if you want it removed. 

If you improperly deal with a skin tag located on a non-sensitive part of the body, you may end up irritating or bleeding the surrounding skin. The removal methods can be easy to follow, but some might neglect to observe safety.

Removal of Large Skin Tag

If skin tags are larger than a grain of rice, the TagBand tool can be adjusted to match the skin tag’s size. The skin growth contains more blood and needed more time to dry it off. It may take a few more days, but eventually, it will still dry off and removed. 

You can also use other methods to combine with the TagBand remover to hasten the process. One possible method you can try is applying tea tree oil. It is also known to be skin tag remover by itself, but it can take weeks to effectively remove the skin growth. 

DIY Skin Tag Removal

The surefire way of skin tag removal, if you have the extra money, is to visit a dermatologist. It can be unnecessarily expensive if the concern of your skin growth is only the embarrassment it brings. Health insurance also doesn’t cover the expense since it is not a medical concern.

To prevent spending lots of money, the cheapest and most effective option is the TagBand device. It does not utilize chemicals, therefore skin irritation will not be an issue. It’s also painless and won’t generate bleeding. 

How to Remove Skin Tags

To effectively remove a skin tag, kindly follow this procedure:

  1. Make sure that the skin tag to be treated and the surrounding skin area is washed thoroughly.
  2. Since the TagBand product is a whole kit, use the appropriate tools necessary for the moment. The applicator is the hollow cone shape contraption. Put a band around it and check the illustrations on the manual.
  3. After putting the band, position the applicator on top of the targeted skin tag. 
  4. When the applicator is in the proper placement with the skin tag covered, push the band right off the edge.
  5. Now, you just have to wait for 7 days to dry it off. After that, the skin tag can be easily removed with a simple wipe.

For home treatments like essential oils, constant applications might be required whereas when using a TagBand, you only have to use it once. The Tagband works fine on medium and large skin tags. For the smaller ones, you can try the Micro TagBand.

So far, it is the best home skin tag remover. It’s easy to use, effective in just a matter of days, inexpensive, and worry-free.