Guide To Cutting Off Skin Tags Safely at Home

As you know or would’ve probably heard from your doctor or any health professional, skin tags are benign skin growth. This means they are harmless and aren’t worth worrying or stressing yourself over. They aren’t worth worrying or stressing yourself over except if they pose a cosmetic problem. Another reason while skin tags might become an issue is if it causes you some discomfort.


While skin tags are much more common in older adults, anyone can have them and your chances of getting one if you don’t have already increases as you age older.


Skin tags are usually smaller in sizes, although you can have a skin tag as large as a grape. They are not just that common. Skin tags can appear as a single tumor or in a cluster. Their color isn’t much different from the skin from which they appear on.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to visit a doctor to have your skin tags removed should you decide to. You can do it comfortably at your house when you’re less busy. You only need a couple of minutes to cut off the tumors, and you’re done.


Tips and Warnings (1)

Before we move on to the procedure, I’d like to point out that if you have a phobia for pain or seeing blood, it’s best you let your doctor handle the cutting for you. The same applies to if you cannot guarantee a clean, precise cut to remove the skin tags without making a mess.

Should you find it hard to clean and sterilize the scab formed after removing the skin tags, it’s best you allow a doctor handle it for you as it might get infected which will further complicate things for you, health-wise.

If you decide to things yourself, you want to arm yourself with the right knowledge to enable you to remove the skin tags safely without many complications


How To Cut Off a Skin Tag

Cutting off skin tags is the fastest way of getting rid of them for good. Although, it might not be the most effective in all situations due to the risk involved. However, If done properly, you can reduce the chances of bleeding, scarring, and infection.


  1. The first step in cutting off a skin tag is searching for a blade with a sharp cutting edge. If you can get your hands on a surgical knife or scissor, the better. If not, any blade with a thin sharp edge will do.


  1. Once you get your blade, you want to sterilize it to kill off any pathogen. You can do this by placing the knife or scissor in boiling water for some minutes (about 20 – 30 minutes) or cleaning it with alcohol. This will help reduce the risk of infection.


  1. Apply a numbing cream or ice to the surrounding area and on the skin tag. This will deaden the nerve around the tumor and reduce the nerve sensitivity. You’ll experience lesser pain that way.


  1. Pull softly but with pressure, the skin tag away from the skin. This will make the stalk (or base) of the skin tag visible.


  1. Place the scissors or knife at the base of the skin tag. Avoid letting it come in contact directly with your skin to avoid cutting your skin. You want to have the knife at the base of the skin tag, very close to the skin.


  1. Cut /slice through the stalk. Apply pressure to the spot where a skin tag was removed with cotton wool or clean cloth to avoid bleeding. Applying pressure to the wound will also help facilitate the healing process, starting with the clotting of the blood.



  1. Clean the area with an anti-bacterial gel or apply an anti-bacterial gel to the scab and its surrounding to avoid infection.


  1. Cover the scab with an adhesive bandage. Leave the bandage on for the next 24 hours to 72 hours to allow it to heal.


Tips and Warnings (2)

  1. Never attempt to remove a skin tag if you have any doubt about it being anything else than a skin tag. It is crucial that you are sure what you plan on cutting off is a skin tag.

While skin tags are benign tumors, malignant tumors aren’t harmless, and the last thing you want to do is self-treat a cancerous tumor.

To be sure what you’re dealing with is a skin tag rather than a melanoma, you can read our post on how to distinguish between them. Having a dermatologist check it for you isn’t that bad of an idea by the way.


  1. Always use a Sterile Blade with a Sharp Edge. It’s very important you sterilize your cutting tool of choice before using it. The blade being brand new is not an excuse not to have it cleaned. Once you have your blade out, ready to cut off your skin tags, please sterilize it first.

Sterilizing won’t take you more than a couple of minutes. You shouldn’t have to deal with infections or complications just because you couldn’t wait a few minutes to do the right thing.


  1. Don’t pick at the scab formed with your hands or any object. Doing so might infect the scab. It also increases the chances of scarring.


When using this removal method on visible areas like the face, you want to be extra careful and do everything to avoid having a scar.

Alternative Skin Tag Removal Methods

Cutting can be quite effective in getting rid of the skin tumor(s) on your body. However, it is by no means the only way. There are also some alternatives that get the job done.


These methods include

Ligation – Tying Off Skin Tags

Another popular treatment option that’s quite effective is the tying off of skin tags with a thread or string, e.g., dental floss. This help in cutting off the blood flow to the skin tags resulting in the death of its tissues.

Give it a couple of days, and you’d likely see the color of the skin tag turn a shade darker. This is as a result of depriving the tissues of oxygen. It’s only a matter of time before the skin tag dries out and fall off.

Do note that for the skin tag to be deprived of oxygen, you need to tie the skin tag at its base (or stalk). There’s an over-the-counter treatment option that simplifies this method for you – the TagBand. The TagBand removal kit helps to remove your skin tags in a painless, easy way.


Natural Home Treatment Using Tea Tree Oil

Ever heard of the tea tree oil and its amazing uses? We love and recommend the Australian Tea Tree Oil for this.  It’s 100% pure, affordable and can be used for a lot of things.

Our readers and many other individuals with skin tags have found the use of this amazing essential oil to be an effective treatment for removing skin tags.

It causes no pain and you can avoid the issue of infection as the use of tea tree oil doesn’t lead to a scab. However, it takes much more time to see the result. Somewhere within 4x – 10x the time it takes for your skin to be healed completely by removing the skin tag from your body.

Other alternative methods include cryotherapy (freezing) and cauterization.


How to Remove Skin Tags From Specific Part of the Body

I’d do you the favor of narrowing down your search on getting rid of skin tags on various parts of the body.



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